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  1. The buyer can already contact sellers, you already have a pretty large CONTACT button. As for continue with $xx, the buyer can already order. As I said, adding extra steps to orders wastes time for everyone. If anything, Fiverr needs to make the ordering process even faster, as that’s what buyers want. After so many years of being on the platform, a lot of people just want to place the order and go. When you outsource something, you don’t want to waste any more time, you just pay for the service and expect the person to provide it. That’s what you need to focus on. This is a good option because it will let SELLERS to avoid those buyers who do not want to use CONTACT button on purpose. If you have any better suggestion apart from suggesting for improvement in Gig description and increasing prices, please pour in. Rest has been explained a 100 times in previous comments so I think repeating them is not helping at all.
  2. Good suggestion. Seller can opt if he wants to choose 1 or 2, considering that choosing 2 can cause him to loose clients who would prefer to directly purchase a service. But at least a seller would have some air to breath in, if he/she doesn’t want to work with direct purchases. I like the suggestion.
  3. It wastes time for the buyer. A buyer can’t stay online all the time and wait for a seller to reply. What if he tries to order from 10 sellers and they all decline? The buyer wastes a lot of time, maybe even days and no one works with him. It would be a common thing. Fiverr is a platform that tries to be friendly with buyers, they are the main focus because buyers are the one making the platform what it is today. You can have thousands of sellers, it doesn’t matter if there’s no one to buy those services. So, this feature would waste a lot of time for buyers. Even sellers like me that stay 18 hours a day online will have a 6-hour period in which they are not available. What if a buyer wants to order right away and he wastes 6 hours because I am offline? It works for me, and I am sure I am not the only one. True, that doesn’t mean this feature can be imposed on people that don’t need it. You and your mates need it, but others like me and most buyers will find it an extra step that just doesn’t work. I am 100% sure that people who process more than 10-15 orders a day would find this horrendous and time-consuming. And there are many such sellers on the platform. It makes sense for sellers that have an order or two per day, but when you have a much larger order queue, this feature you want becomes a nightmare. While it will help you, it will be very problematic for people with lots of orders in queue. Also, this can’t be optional. Either Fiverr adds such a thing for everyone or they don’t add it at all. Why? It all comes down to the customer experience again. How can you explain to your buyer as a platform that for some sellers you have to wait for the seller hours and hours, and for others you just order right away? It won’t benefit buyers, it will just waste time on their side. You can encourage communication yourself without the need for such a tool. If anything, this removes communication because the buyer would just try to order, you decline and he moves on. I see no communication there. If you want to better communicate, then you must adapt your gig description accordingly. So yes, this feature would make the platform very confusing and harder to use. I’ve been here long enough to see that buyers just want to send an order and receive the finished product. Any other extra step is frustrating and confusing. Fiverr would never add such a feature, there’s a reason why it was requested by a few sellers so many times. It’s counter intuitive, counter productive for the platform, and it would stand against what Fiverr does best. And that’s the fact you can order anything you want quickly and not go through many extra steps. They even streamlined the ordering process with gig packages, why would they add an extra step?? It makes no sense to me. Feel free to request this, but it’s most likely not going to be added at all. Sorry to burst the bubble, but I am trying to be objective and think from all sides, Fiverr, buyer and sellers. Think about the platform and how would this impact the way things work for Fiverr. It would add a lot of extra cancellations, a ton of payments need to be refunded if the purchase is declined. Maybe you don’t realize this, but whenever an order is initiated, the payment is already made. Even if you choose to decline, that payment was already made, so it would be refunded. That means you will have a lot of cancellations anyway. That’s how the payment system works on Fiverr. I am sure you will say they people could order without paying. You would be bombarded with order requests from random sellers and buyers, many of which will be joke orders because they can be done for free. So yes, this will be a nightmare for Fiverr to implement, since it will lead to a ton of order cancellations, payment processing problems… And for what? Just to make a few sellers happy? The system is fine the way it is, optimizing gigs and the description will remove the problem. Also, you need to realize that cancellations will appear from time to time. I had someone that placed an order so I can write content for a credit card cloning website. Not only did I cancel (and received a penalty), but I also reported him to Fiverr via customer support, as it’s something illegal. These issues appear from time to time, just try to prevent canceling your regular orders and deliver on time. A few cancellations per month won’t impact your sales. Yes your point is equally valid and makes sense. I don’t understand much from business perspective. I am looking for a solution basically. I have observed that significant number of freelancers are facing similar problems so there must be a solution to this other than asking someone to improve the business, increasing gig prices or adding something in Gig description. Because it’s not helping us. May be someone has a better solution than what I have proposed. All possible solutions shall be discussed here, because that’s what a community is supposed to do. However, I think it is unfair to say that system is working fine for most of the buyers so Fiverr does not need to do anything. I hope we find a solution to this problem soon. Happy new year and stay healthy. Thanks.
  4. It’s not about luck. It’s about knowing how to present your service and doing things right. You don’t know if the seller is online or not as a buyer. You don’t know if he will reply in a few seconds or a few days. Adding an accept-decline thing would slow things down and buyers will be very frustrated. Remember, people come here for a smooth, fast ordering experience. They just want to order and wait for the result. No one wants to wait for the freelancer to accept an order. Plus, if you are a seller that processes dozens of orders per day, this can become frustrating. The way the system works right now is fine. You can easily avoid cancellations if you just ask buyers to contact you before placing your order. Sure, the accept/decline thing might be good for you, but for 99% of buyers and sellers would just slow things down and become a nuissance. Think what would to for the platform itself, Fiverr would have to deal with even more payments canceled because the buyer is already paying for the order when you are asked to accept or decline the order. No one things about the payment system nightmare such a system would create. So yes, Fiverr doesn’t have any benefit from such a system, if anything it would double or triple the amount of payment cancellations. And no one wants that. The current ordering system is good the way it is. Try to find ways to optimize your gig and ask people to contact you. That would remove any issue. You assume that. However, in the past few months I had to cancel many orders due to health issues. The reason I manage to stay “alive” on the platform is that I learned to adapt to the platform changes. It’s not about luck, only some have luck here, but it’s just hard work, over and over, lost nights and studying the market. Not really. For the seller that processes dozens of orders every day, having to accept/decline dozens of orders every day can be time-consuming. Add to that the fact that you, as a seller processing lots of orders, you can end up declining an order or multiple orders by mistake. It’s such a flawed system… I can’t even begin to say the huge number of problems that can arise. The seller can easily accept by mistake or decline by mistake. The order will be canceled and someone, aka the seller, has to be penalized for the order cancellation. Ask people to contact you first. That will minimize the number of cancellations. The buyer can easily contact you first and there will not be any cancellation if you say that you can’t help him from the start. No order = no cancellation. If the gig info is confusing and the buyer doesn’t know what he is ordering, obviously an accept/decline thing won’t make any difference. There would still be a cancellation. So… it’s more about optimizing gigs here and making sure relevant information is added. More accurate gig info = less cancellations. We don’t need an accept-decline thing that would make some people’s life a living nightmare. Take the “gig needs to be delivered in 12 hours” feature. It’s ok for someone that has 1-2 orders, but if you process dozens of orders per day, getting that notification 24+ times a day is annoying, you can’t turn it off, and it can make it easy to miss actual messages from customers. So just because a feature can exist, that doesn’t mean it’s useful. Same with this accept-decline thing. Just because it would help a few people, that doesn’t mean it will help everyone. Unless it will help everyone, I doubt Fiverr would ever add it. Not to mention it would cause a lot of waiting time and friction. Maybe we both reply fast, but there are sellers that reply in days. Would you pay $500 and wait a week until the order is declined??? I see why some would say this is a good idea, because it benefits them. But think from the platform perspective, Fiverr has no benefit coming from this. They would have even more cancellations, orders accepted or declined by mistake, many more payment refunds (that would bring problems with PayPal and banks), not to mention the fact that some people would just place an order by mistake and even if you accept the order as a seller, you would still have to refund. There are much better, urgent features that need to be implemented such as the ability to lock gig packages and avoid people ordering 10x your gig package with a 1x gig package deadline… Just search for “accept or decline option” and you will find 100 of posts and comments from sellers asking this since 2014. So, NO 99% of the sellers are not okay with what the system is already offering. To add "accept/decline’’ button means to stop immediate order initiation without sellers consent, which means the payment will not be made. However, the PERFECT system already presented, as you have stated, takes the money from buyer without any guarantee that the order will be completed or cancelled from seller. I will repeat again, The buyer has ALREADY to wait how the seller is going to respond to an order in the present FINE system. ALSO, I do not understand how a seller can start working on an order without reviewing (which you have mentioned that it will waste time. I mean this is what already being done. We start working on an order after understanding all requirement right? And I REPEAT again that writing in GIG description WHATEVER does NOT help. Buyers still place the direct orders without discussion. THAT is the reason for this suggestion. The least benefit Fiverr can have is better working experience from both buyers and the sellers. The option of “accept/decline of direct Gig purchase” can be optional for sellers so that if a seller like you do not want it, simply do not turn it on for your profile. What is the big deal here. I find no point in arguing over this and I think its not helpful. You have complete right to say whatever your point is. However, I, and loads of other mates, feel that it is a very important need for the system and if incorporated it will help quite a lot of users on this platform. It will benefit sellers, buyers and Fiverr because it will save time at both seller and buyer’s end. It will encourage communication and it will help making Fiverr a better marketplace for ALL.
  5. :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: I didn’t address you personally, I just talked about the idea presented in this topic and shared my opinion. Which is what this forum is for. But clearly this is not an idea I agree with, I presented why this will not be beneficial to Fiverr and why they will most likely not do it. Someone has to show that too 🙂 I know sellers mostly think about their own needs and problems here, but you also need to see from Fiverr’s perspective. As a business, I wouldn’t spend a lot of money and time just to make it harder for people to place an order. During the 7 years I’ve been on this platform, the purchase process was streamlined, so I don’t think that adding such a feature makes sense. When you’re a business that strives to make it easy to buy services, why would you add an extra step or two? Especially when that extra step can lead to a massive waiting time for the buyer. Just because a seller replies within a day or an hour on average, it might take a while to actually initiate an order. And those orders also have their own waiting time. It just doesn’t seem feasible to me if I think from a business perspective. What do you think the buyer would feel when the order get cancelled after being initiated? Isn’t it worst than waiting for a few hours to get the order reviewed and accepted by the seller? You are luck to have smooth 7 years on this platform. Not everyone is lucky enough. I had to cancel 3 orders in a single year. The point is that if an option to accept/decline the order can be added, it will help both the buyer and the seller. There will be no cancellation once an order is reviewed and accepted by a seller. This will be surely a better option than to initiate the order on its own and then get cancelled.
  6. The buyer is also getting hurt either way, through cancellation or through declined order. Its just that seller would not be affected with someone else’s mistake/lack of communication. Marketplaces work better when both the buyer and seller are comfortable to work with each other with their consent. When you suggest to make improve the business/gig to repel bad buyers, you are asking to increase the prices probably. As I have explained earlier, this can cause to loose offers from serious buyers with minimal orders/requirements. Writing clearly in BOLD that PLEASE DISCUSS BEFORE PLACING ORDER doesn’t help either. The only solution is to add a control here right before initiating a direct purchase.
  7. I don’t understand why are you opposing the idea of an additional control that may help both seller and and the buyer. What is the big deal?
  8. That’s why I am suggesting to add a control button “accept/decline” which would let sellers either accept or decline a direct purchase made without prior agreement or discussion. This should at least work better than how it is working right now. I think it’s way better to not initiate an order without seller’s consent than to cancel it later and reduce the rating of a seller, or demoting a seller from current level. Because such orders are not going to be entertained by a seller any way. So why not add a control button and make it more practical.
  9. That’s actually not possible in all types of services. Especially in scientific content writing, every task is unique and thus needs unique terms. We can generalize it up to some extent only. Like I quoted an example in a previous reply, I could write 500 words on a basic topic for 15-20$ in 24 hours, but I would need almost double the time and cost for an advanced scientific question. If I put my Gig prices on higher end, I will loose the clients looking for basic answers in lower prices. That’s the reason I am suggesting to add a control here. That can be optional for sellers to apply this control or not. I don’t think there should be any problem for clients if there is such a control button. It actually may help in a better user experience for both the buyers and sellers.
  10. There is always a solution. There must be one for this problem. Like Fiverr can keep a 12 hour limit, for example, for the seller to either decline or accept the order. After the limit expires, order can be automatically either accepted or cancelled. At least give us a chance to communicate.
  11. If you type “decline orders button” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject going back years which you may find interesting. I have moved this to Fiverr Site Suggestions. Yes I have observed that while I was searching for a solution. I was overwhelmed to see some posts from 2014 reporting same issue. That’s why I am trying to plead to Fiverr to please listen to us.
  12. I appreciate your kind reply. However, if I have to write 500 words on a simpler topic e.g. “Biochemical nature of carbohydrates” I can do it in 15$. On the other hand, if I am asked to write 500 words on “molecular mechanisms of HOXD13 signaling”, I would never do it in this amount and would charge at least 50$ for this. You see, I can’t write 50$ in gig price as it will cause me to loose clients looking for topic 1. Unfortunately, I am forced to do this now and I have to increase my Gig prices to reduce direct “unjustified” Gig purchases.
  13. I totally agree. This is so frustrating. No one listens and no one cares for sellers. Fiverr if you are there please add an option to accept or decline a direct Gig purchase without prior agreement. PLEASE.
  14. Please FIverr Listen to what sellers has to say. Please add an option to refuse direct Gig purchases for orders that may not match price, delivery time or whatever reason. Sellers should have the option to work on their own choice. I have clearly mentioned in my GIg to PLEASE discuss before placing orders. Because every task has unique requirements and general Gig prices do not match every project. Still the buyers place direct orders before having a consent and it eventually leads to lower order completion rate. I had to cancel total 3 orders due to this reason in one year dropping my order completion rate to 88% and it is going to demote me from level 2 to level 1 in next evaluation. Totally disappointed as worked so hard to achieve Level 2. Fiverr is growing but the attitude towards sellers is quite careless. PLEASE LOOK into this matter.
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