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  1. Thank you for your question. This tip is mainly because it comes directly from the Fiver Learn course. To clarify: The pricing does not have to be restated, and mentioning perks is known in marketing as up-selling. As for your “if”: I agree that ‘if’ they are clear, then they don’t need repeating. It’s when the package is unclear that it needs to be elaborated. Sellers also should keep in mind that not all Buyers know all the lingo, jargon, abbreviations, or acronyms. Format should be simple: Basic is A and B,Standard is the above plus C,Premium is all the aforementioned and D.This also helps in that, if there is no difference - if you can’t use the above format - it’s a sign that multiple packages probably are not needed. EDIT for clarification, using my example in the (PPD) section point 2: A description for a ‘Sketch’ package might be “scanned pencil sketch of your character”, while the expanded description in the gig, might be: “The Sketch package offers a full pencil-and-paper sketch that will be scanned at 300 DPI. Delivery will be made using a Dropbox, to accommodate the large file size. Sketch - a drawing with lines defined enough to be able to create line-art.” This is far too long to go into the package description, but helps the Buyer make an informed decision, so it’s elaborated in the gig. Thank you very mucy.
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