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  1. This is beautiful article. Thanks alot for the advice. Its hope for us still waiting for our first order
  2. Yeah I understand you, although some of the paid course are kinda pricey @graphics_tesign
  3. @only_miraz okay that’s great after all… thanks for the input
  4. @ornedanielle okay thanks. i took an initial test to verify my english skills, will check out others. thanks for your advice, i appreciate it.
  5. oh okay thanks alot! will be sure to check out the course
  6. thanks alot Ahmwritingco! Are these courses very essential to getting orders on fiverr?
  7. Hello guys, its really great to be part of the fiverr community. i once read there are courses on fiverr which can help improve gigs, would appreciate if i can be advised on this and of course any other tip would be much appreciated.Thanks guys
  8. Lovely tips thanks alot. I’m also new here and I hope to get one or two orders before the week runs out
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