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  1. My name is Md Abdur Razzak . I don’t know what is the benefit of join forum?
  2. Thank you brother for your smart advise.
  3. That’s not how fiverr works. This is a great advise for you .thank you
  4. thanks you very mutch for your advise.
  5. My name is Md Abdur Razzak.I’m a new seller on fiverr.Buyer says submit your sample then I will response.As a new seller where can get sample. thanks
  6. I congratulation of my heart .Go ahead bro
  7. My name is Md Abdur Razzak.I’m a new seller on fiverr.I reply more buyer request but can’t get response .please give me some tips!
  8. the delivery is late, after a certain amount of time you’ll get an option to cancel the order and get refunded . You will get refunded if the seller does not response your messege.thanks
  9. Hi ,my name is Md abdur Razzak.I am a new seller on Fiverr.I don’t know what type of activitise Fiverr forum.thanks !
  10. Hello there, my name is Md Abdur Razzak.I creat three gigs on fiverr but can’t get any order .this situation what can i do ? for this reason I decided to meet buyer .thanks
  11. hello! I I’m new seller here.I creat two Gigs but can’t get any order.I share my gigs all social media platform get impression and click but can’t get any order .
  12. I will try my best but can’t accept.
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