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  1. You can report them to youtube by email, youtube will take down the video and send a copyright message to them. I’ve reported something similar before
  2. Are you sure about this? I don’t think sharing a youtube video link would be allowed
  3. It takes time. I opened my account, waited for 3 months and never got an order. Closed my account and opened again after a year, and started getting orders from buyers requests. Just be patient
  4. I also think you should contact fiverr support about it. If there’s nothing wrong with your passport, then there should be a mistake. Hope they’ll solve it You can send a mail and open a ticket about it
  5. I don’t know much about social media marketing, but your gigs look good to me
  6. Send buyer requests frequently. I get most of my orders from buyer requests. You can also try sharing your gigs on social media, but I’m not sure if that would help much
  7. Send buyer requests as many as possible. I get most of my orders from buyer requests
  8. Customer support might take a few days to respond to your ticket. You don’t have to do anything else, fiverr will probably refund your money back to you
  9. They can’t do this as many times as they want. As soon as they do one chargeback through PayPal, their account is removed permanently. Then they can open a new account, using vpn or another internet ip. Still, they scam fiverr and seller. It can be possible to sue fiverr/buyer and get money back. If it was a big amount of money, I would definitely think about that.
  10. Paypal chargebacks are such a scam. Why does fiverr let that happen? Someone can open an account, order a 100$ gig, and chargeback through paypal. Then do this again as many times as they want, and get free orders. Isn’t there a way to prevent this?
  11. The reason should be written in the email, can you check it?
  12. You should contact customer support, I’m sure they will help you. We are just sellers and buyers in here, we can’t do anything. Also it is against the rules to call out a seller by their name, you should delete it from your post
  13. I also make sub badge design which has the same sizes you mentioned. It is supposed to be blurry, there’s not much you can do about it. I make my design on a 500px canvas and try to make it as square as possible, so it would look bigger. If 72px looks okay, I dont think there would be problem
  14. I personally think that a video makes no difference in a gig
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