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  1. Check this out: Want More Sales? .... No Sir! I see you offer an account risking service which Fiverr does not allow. Fiverr is removing such gigs. Check out this topic: Third party TOS violation - Lead Generation I agree with you. I also notice same problem.
  2. it’s good. Try to increase font size in gig image. some writing is not readable.
  3. I know it is very frustrated situation for a new seller. I just uploaded my gig 1 week ago. Trying to promote my gig in various social media. Send Buyer request regularly. Few days ago, I got a message from a buyer but unfortunately without any reason the buyer hire another seller. There are many situation happen in the marketplace and when you are a new seller. I know a person who get first order after 1 year. So want to tell you that don’t lose hope.
  4. I am new in Fiverr. I know for a new seller it is very difficult to get order. But I am very optimistic and send buyer request continously. After publishing gig, within 4 days I get a message form a buyer. He messaged me and I replied within 4 minutes. I created offer for him and waiting for his reply. But no response. After 24 hours, he replied and said that he hire another seller. I get very disappointed. please give me some tips for picking attention of buyer.
  5. @blavaro if promote gig in social media is a myth, so why fiverr tell us to promote our gig
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