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  1. hello, now a days i can see, every buyer profile showing online, like on conversation we can see that buyer last seen 1 hour ago, but if you open buyer profile you will see they are online. so i think its a bug of fiverr , not sure , maybe its a bug
  2. i am working on fiverr from the last year
  3. Thank you so much . its an amazing feature of fiverr . i love this feature now
  4. Hi . I hope everything is going well I got Seller Plus today . this is amazing feature. i can check everything seller plug package My Gig Performance In details Order Breakdown in detail Top Keyword send coupon my buyers Faster payments Priority support Buyer requests priority Advanced analytics Dedicated success manager
  5. Maybe its a new feture in fiverr , we got the video feature in order box some days ago with Business client , but today i got this same feature in my inbox with top vid buyer and Busienss Buyer I dont know in details about it, but i think its a very good decision for us , It save time , it save confusion with buyer , and i also believe every seller will follow the fiverr tearms and condition also , Screenshot_9391207×656 88.2 KB
  6. you just sent cancellation request, if your accept it, then it will be canceled , you can text your buyer and tell your mistake or you can contact with support
  7. i dont know, its work or not but i think it doesnot work
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