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  1. Hi, I want to know is there any limit on time, for which I can keep my earning in fiverr? reason of not withdrawing is rupee for dollar current
  2. I have been doing great but suddenly all requests and messages stopped, nothing at all what can I do to get more buyer requests and messages in my inbox
  3. Absolutely correct. And This worst part of this not working if you have written a well message, you click refresh and it’s gone. Thank You for replying. I hope someone from fiverr technical team will shop up
  4. It’s it needs to be refreshed to add proper files and remove ones that are not needed.
  5. IF I try to send a file and mistakenly I choose a different there is delete icon to delete the file. But this does not work. I am experiencing this since I joined fiverr but decided to spread it now because the required is required frequently in recent, I need to upload many files. All answers are welcome if they provide any solution But seeking support from Fiverr Technical Team on this because its not problem on my end I have good internet connection and also tried on chrome (currently using Firefox) Thank You
  6. How do I contact CS? I don’t know. Can you please please guide me?
  7. He cancelled the disput and brought me new work, the same extracting from .gov but a new file with 5020 records. And I am clearly sure now, he gave me three file until now to do work on and three were different. He said they are same but I did search among most of the entries were different. So I guess he was trying to get more work out if me. Now I told him, this is same and different file. We talked and he said now i am not going to respond anymore. I also said that because he wasted my lot of days and in the end I got nothing :(. He again now placed a disput. Please somehelp me.
  8. I am new so I didn’t know that. He was tricking me then. Because at the place of cancellation reason he just out the “$25” so i thought I will get because he told me that. 😦
  9. Hello Everyone, I hope you and your family is healthy and safe in this COVID-19 pandemic. Someone ordered for data processing work. There was 10 columns to process the data out of which 1 column didn’t have addresses, so i hade to search manually and put addresses from a website but the problem is that at first he didn’t told me that, he told i had to get them from Google by manully (imagine that work), that’s so difficult. The record count stands at 4994. I was to only get $50 from this order (after processing all those records). So I processed 9 columns instead of 10. I told him that it is not possible to get addresses. He said “no problem”. I have screenshot of that conversation. Just do other work. He seemed all good. Now I delievered the final product (excel sheet). And I think only few hours may be left for the period of 3 days to over and I was going to sleep then. So the next day I saw he pressed revision button so it was showing late for that now. That’s first i was going to get late stamp. He sent a file which didn’t look like the earlier. The earlier file and this one both were court data so he finally told the website to get data from and told me complete the last column inspite of he already agreed that it was okay not have the 1 addresses column filled. So still as poor and first time on Fiverr seller I agreed to him but when I tried to do log in to the website the site was not letting me in? So I told me that I showed him a video. He said you completed only half work but that was not it. 4994 records, i just did not completed 1 column as per instructions (so calculate I get $42 if am to accept the dispute). He said it’s partial delivery, you will get $25. So what do I do now? There’s not much on partial delivery on Fiverr. I only read that If a seller dliver nothing, empty files or partial delivery like that he may get warnings and account suspended. I don’t want that. I am just getting started earned 100 by doing hard work day and night. I didn’t sleep for two consecutive days many time. I don’t want my hardwork gone like away that. Please suggest what should I do? Accept or decline the partial delivery Disput? Do I get $25 after aacepting disput? Will he be able to review for it? Will it impact or get me banned? I didn’t do anything wrong please suggest me somthing Good that will make me feel good.
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