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  1. Hi, If you are data entry expert then we can discuss about data entry. You can share your experience.
  2. So, what I can do now. My all gig are same vatagories.
  3. My gig doesn`t appear in fiverr search result. If I change categories do you think it will rank on fiverr.
  4. No. I was get 2 order at least 4-5 month ago.
  5. I have 6 gig in same categories. What I can do now?
  6. Congratulations for your first success. Wish you best of luck
  7. In my gig also not showing impression, clicks, views.
  8. Hi @habibatidjani20, Welcome to fiverr forum community. Wish you best of luck for fiverr.
  9. I am also waiting for a long time but I didn’t get order
  10. If you use pc than use a chrome extension auto refresher
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