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  1. But there are no any chance to get a new order and get a good reviews ratings… even I can’t send any buyer request now
  2. But my overall ratings is now 4.3 . It was my 2nd rating she submitted mistakenly. And every buyer check the ratings 1st before ordering. No one will want to know why the seller got low ratings. If they see low rating, they scroll down for the next seller with high ratings like 4.9 or 5. Please suggest me what should I do next ? I am too much depressed
  3. The reviews will still appear on your profile. And if the gig with those reviews is deleted, it will look suspicious, as if you were hiding something. Can I create a new account and Recreate the same gig with the same portfolios samples descriptions title seo title, after disable this account? Or it will be copyrighted
  4. So what should I do now? What’s your suggestions? Please… I am very much disappointed and depressed too.
  5. Hi I have a new seller account as a Photoshop editor. I recently created a gig and got 3 orders within 2 weeks. The 1st buyer gave me 5 star ratings. The 2nd buyer didn’t give me any ratings. And the 3rd one gave 3.7 ratings by mistake. She was new on Fiverr and also she was fully satisfied with my work. But she mistakenly gave me 3.7 ratings. And now she is feeling guilty for that mistake. So my overall profile ratings is now 4.3 which is too bad for a new seller. No one will take any risk and order to a new seller with the rating 4.3 … 😫 So the Question is, If I delete my gig, will the reviews still appear there ? Or those bad reviews will also delete? Thanks.
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