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  1. One of the buyer is unable to share to the attachments of their original piece of work. Please suggest what’s missing here.
  2. It’s been a while I have not got any closure on responding to the buyer requests. any quick tips, experts please
  3. Hi Community Experts, I understood that an acquaintance has registered using my affiliate CPA link. But that action doesn’t show in my accounts. Can someone help/guide me through this? Regards Neeva
  4. Yeah yeah yeah, every week/month etc we hear about new “gurus” giving lectures/courses/YouTube videos etc claiming that they’ll teach you how to get sales on fiverr. All official info you can find on fiverr help page but not from those “gurus” Right! Agreed well on that, the right info lies on the Fiverr platform itself, the rest all is just air!! Anyway, we are dealing with a 5$ kind of buyer task in the request section and this one on top of it makes it just too suffocating. It kills all the buzz of working on your own terms but producing only quality projects. Getting that work in itself is driven by so many factors and confusing theories by gurus are just not helping the case.
  5. No it’s not true. You get offers from the clients not from the website and it’s not fiverr that determines what quality of offers you will get. It’s clients deciding themselves what work they would like to be done and how much they are ready to pay for it based on your gigs. Absolutely! That’s how it should be although there are some claiming to be a pro freelancers conducting web-seminars explaining how to run those ads on internet to get the task. I mean, then I might as well delete my profile from here, because the work that I am intending to receive will never reach me organically this way. I get it if someone wants to be a motivational speaker and make money and followers out of it (I am doing that on my social media channels), but grab another topic altogether please.
  6. Is it true that in order to get premium quality offers, I will have to run ads on internet. I mean, does it not beat the whole arrangement of coming onto a freelance site like Fiverr
  7. Thanks, but right now, I am struggling with setting up a Payoneer account, can you suggest something on that.
  8. @dadoc93, does this mean, even if I am able to get a project/work via Fiverr, I would not be receiving any payments? Is it still the same, after 5 years of your post?
  9. Hello, It’s been 3 months since I signed up on Fiverr and I had received only 1 job request so far, where buyer apparently never intended to offer the work on this platform and so I denied and flagged that buyer too! I have also tried looking for work using this link https://www.fiverr.com/categories/music-audio/voice-overs?filter=new, I do not get a ‘find projects/work’ view on this one, not sure why? Now, I am wondering, why I am not receiving any of the work requests. Can you please help me figure this out, I need work so to earn money and meet the ends. Hope you understand. #staysafe Neeva
  10. Seeing this message now, I have created first ever gig on fiverr yesterday using destop browser, not sure why that seller mode switch was never there earlier. Anyhow, I can see it now on android. Now, i wonder, don’t see any requests from buyer. Any suggestion on that one?
  11. I am truly sorry but I need more information. I can not even begin to guess what is the problem you are facing. Please elaborate. Hey, as I am here to find projects and was trying my gig but even after making a seller login, I am not seeing any option that let me create a gig and apply for open work options.
  12. Seller Request. Unable to find a CTA create gig
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