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  1. Like any advice, it is always good to take it with a pinch of salt however I totally understand this mindset, not that I endorse it but we all have the choice to work how it best suits us. 

    I firmly believe that freelancer is evolving and especially since the pandemic more types of people are taking this lifestyle up and brining in skills/habits not so common in the industry. I myself came from the corporate world, so waking up at 3am answer an email is nothing new or stopping what I am doing (even pleasure or relaxing) to work has been my life for the last 7+ Years. At a certain point it just becomes normal life and believe me from my experience Fiverr is a walk in the park compared to that environment which I was personally used to. The same could be said about my role by the likes of investment bankers, stock brokers etc those guys make my experience look like a picnic, it is all relative.

    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, you take too much free time you might have less orders, you take on too much work and you risk burning out. Do what works best for your goals, mindset and health. 


  2. I am still in-between calls, and still have a bunch of tasks for the day, but I thought I’d drop in real quick to clarify some points that @comunicators just shared:

    Just improve your gig images and upload video if you can and do some orders like 4 to 5 on regular bases to improve your sales velocity so as soon you have the sale velocity you will get impression and click that will convert to orders.

    I’m sorry but that makes very little sense. “Improve images (whatever that means) and upload video” turns into “4-5 sales velocity”? Lots of steps missing in that train of thought.

    must have orders in queue it is like a snow the more it falls the heavier it becomes.

    I’m sorry but that’s just not true. If you feel that works for you, go ahead and do what you want with your gigs, but please don’t recommend people to do the same. That’s irresponsible.

    @andrewcarpen756 That’s definitely interesting. Any orders that took you longer than average to complete? Anything that may have “told” Fiverr you were to busy to handle more?

    Every order is different for me, just like the services you offer I can have an order that takes a short amount of time or 2 months, there is no real pattern since i started selling. The only variable that is fairly consistent is revenue generation. I did have a theory on longer order times effecting the ranking of gigs however I have seen sellers with 90+ orders with 30 day deliveries so i do not know if that one holds up.

    As a seller there has never been a time when I have gone “this is too much” so historic data would see my account as fairly adaptable to handle volume, especially as I have managed double my orders currently to a high standard. I have also noticed many other TRS sellers within my industry low on orders and lower level sellers ranking higher and also charging just as much for their services.

    Honestly at this point I have no idea, i like to think of it as the tide, it comes in, in goes out and changes and all you can do is focus on delivering high quality work.

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  3. Hey @gunawanguan thank you for sharing your experience.

    I am going to be extremely honest here: None of us know what exactly is going on.

    I personally have been trying to find answers for a couple of years now.

    I have a really busy day today, so I will keep this brief for now, I will most definitely return to keep the discussion going.

    So here are some bullet points:

    • the performance that I talked about in my post, and that is probably low on your end, is not something any one of us can see, based on your gigs and profile page.

    • I had a couple of stellar months in terms of revenue, as I sold a couple of gigs in the 5 digits range, but that is not telling the whole picture: my enquiries have almost completely stopped and there are no new organic orders coming in for at least 10 days now. I just reached out with my SM to schedule a call to see if she has more data to share on her end.

    • Your 91% is not bad on its own. But when placed next to the average I am assuming high-performers have, it may look worse. We also currently don’t know the exact weight factoring that’s going on in the current formula.

    So what I am trying to say is: no one has any answers currently. We can only exchange experiences and compare.

    To that end, my current experience is that I made Fiverr a lot of money within 60 days, and now I have zero orders, 0 prospects.

    I can actually break down the data further in an effort to find what I think is a hidden breaking point in the formula. (I suspect the fact that a $4,500 order I have still open, may be the reason for my slowdown.)

    EDIT: In an effort to be as helpful as possible, and in order for you to actually find an initial actionable advice, I looked a bit at your profile.

    My current assumption is that Fiverr looks at “home runs” and not “batting averages”.

    So my current theory is that we all need to actually double down on the offerings that are converting and get rid of all the dead weight.

    I personally paused two of my gigs yesterday and I think I will pause 3 more today.

    So I don’t know what your gigs do, or do not do, in terms of sales and conversion. But from a quick look, you offer a really wide range of gigs. It’s statistically improbable that all of them are performing equally well. Maybe you need to focus up.

    Interesting points Frank,

    I echo a similar POV on this. I have done well over the last 2 months through a mixture of larger orders and repeat business however it is evident of a massive reduction in organic growth of my gig, almost like I am swimming upstream or against the current.

    Every theory I think has some weight, i end up disproving… so at this stage i am in the dark… i went from page 1 to 3 to 12 in literally 1 hour at the start of the week. My only issue with the algorithm is the promotion of poor sellers which negatively effects the company and can put buyers off for a lifetime.


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  4. Hey Andrew thank you for taking the time to write this.

    Ok so let’s assume that results are dynamic.

    Let’s also assume that I am correct when I say that each user gets served a different set of results, based on factors that are -for the most part- unknown.

    So when you say “I see users with X reviews on the front page” we are not sure that’s what your buyers see when they search for your skillset.

    Have you purchased a dropshipping service on Fiverr? If not, that one simple fact right there, means you are not getting Fiverr’s “optimal” results.

    Let’s also look at pricing. Your gigs are priced at $600. (or starting at, doesn’t matter for now)

    So when someone with a track record of 2 purchases totaling $10 searches for your skills, they may, or may not get your gig on the very top of the page.

    Fiverr wants a great match, and it monitors buyer behavior heavily.

    Maybe when reviewing your “competition” you should try and define it in alignment with how Fiverr’s algorithm sees each gig. (performance, price, purchase probability)

    And finally, you mention your metrics going down.

    Not sure which metric specifically, but if any one of the main three goes down, Fiverr sees you as an underperformer, no matter how pleased your current buyers are.

    (especially if it’s the order completion one)

    Hey Frank,

    My pleasure and thank you for getting back to me.

    So when you say “I see users with X reviews on the front page” we are not sure that’s what your buyers see when they search for your skillset.

    I do agree, however i often feel that this is not entirely reflective of how the platform actually works. For example I just logged out, used a different device and via a phone network (different IP) and searched the keyword of my industry and the search yields pretty much the same results. Also new buyers have zero data that is tracked so how can Fiverr determine any buyer behaviour without any history. Repeat buyers i can understand that these might reach my gig in searches but in my industry a lot of customers are new buyers, buy once instead of repeat jobs.

    Have you purchased a dropshipping service on Fiverr? If not, that one simple fact right there, means you are not getting Fiverr’s “optimal” results.

    Good point but again, if we relate back to the new buyer idea does this not fall short? Also if we attribute my impressions and clicks falling with my own search results, which show me not on the page one then that is where i struggle to connect the dots. Again great point on the purchase history but surely quality is more important than price, for example why is a cheaper poor seller being shown very a cheaper high quality seller…?

    Fiverr wants a great match, and it monitors buyer behavior heavily.

    Again i agree and i do get matched with larger clients as my average order value is far greater than my starting price and thus i do have larger more corporate types of customers.

    Not sure which metric specifically, but if any one of the main three goes down, Fiverr sees you as an underperformer, no matter how pleased your current buyers are.

    So this is the area I cannot get my head around, without being cocky or arrogant about my gig / services but the results do not match the performance recently.

    For example, over the last month to this month.

    Promoted to TRS

    Rated orders % increased

    Active order revenue increased

    Highest tip last month and nearly at that already this month

    Orders on other gigs increased

    Last 13 orders in a row rated 5 stars

    Now I am of the same opinion of you that these metrics do not equate to strong performance or happy customers, however it is not exactly negative and unless i am missing something those other gigs i mentioned on page one cannot be striving for the performance if they are receiving negative public feedback and i ask the question what are those customers leaving on the private feedback. Even discussing my gig with my success manager, the behind the scenes stats had increased (which already sat at a very high standing).

    If this was Fiverr 2.0 (instead of your Fiverr 3.0 thread, which i really enjoyed) then i would understand they want gigs that can churn out 50 customers regardless of the customer experience where as i feel that my gig/services play the tune to 3.0 yet the results are not consistent. I am like many other analysing this on a weekly basis vs the long view (which does always seem to pan out) and i am trying my hardest to remove my own bias and analyse the gig situation from a natural stand point.

    I just saw another gig which did make me chuckle…the gig featured a “rising talent badge” on page one with a considerable amounts of a spelling mistakes / missing words etc. There is one single review from himself (same picture and username with an additional digit so obviously the same person has made an account to review themselves). So regardless of the way the algorithm may work i question how that provides quality to buyers regardless of their budget, buying history etc. I do understand people need a chance but to give accounts a 1st page feature that are clearly not capable of the most simple things is damaging to Fiverr especially with those badges that endorse these sellers as a “talent”.



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  5. Hello @shanid123ni welcome to the forum. Unfortunately these types of posts wont do you much good here nor will you get orders by just asking for help. Most of the people on the forum are sellers so i would suggest asking a more tangible question about the platform or reading some of the great topics that offer advice.

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  6. People need to understand that Fiverr is no longer looking for “who gets the job done”.

    They are now actively trying to reshape the marketplace by looking for sellers who offer a great customer experience.

    It’s that simple.

    That’s what has changed.

    Talented designer but not polite? See ya.

    Amazing developer but never give updates? Too bad.

    Extraordinary writer but are not a fan of delivering on time? Sucks to be you!

    So yes, essentially if sellers start realizing that and try to improve upon the actual experience they offer, the reviews will take care if themselves as their clients will be delighted.

    This is coming from someone who is most definitely NOT the best animator on the platform.

    I’ve seen my “competition”, trust me, I know where I stand.

    And yet I keep getting orders and my gigs perform rather well (aside from the occasional lull)

    Hi Frank,

    I definitely agree with your perspective on the changing marketplace especially Fiverr’s focus on the customer experience and the importance of the buyer journey however there does seem to be a disconnect on the marketplace and does not reflect this accurately.

    There are huge amount of sellers ranking on page one (within my industry) that go against this notion.

    For example,

    We agree that 5 star reviews are not the only metric that are tracked and behaviour like replying on time, delivering high quality work, exceptional customer support and creating a perfect buyer experience are so important yet I ask the question…

    “why are there gigs on page one with low ratings”

    I know sellers are not perfect yet there are clear patterns of low quality work and or customer support on some gigs that have a page one spot.

    I like to think I offer the complete buyer journey and that my profile reflects this both publicly and behind the scenes. Not only pubic feedback but repeat business (for larger ticket sales) substantial tips and generally super happy customers.


    There are active gigs on page one that have many low/1 star reviews, so why would Fiverr rank these as being quality providers? I do not see those gigs in the new direction Fiverr is heading as it shows a pattern that this seller is not at the top of their game.

    People may argue that you cannot control reviews but as you mentioned they take care of themselves with high quality work, customer service (especially during any issues) and your skillsets as a seller. Often a history of negative reviews speaks volumes about the seller or their craft.

    My metrics have recently gone down yet my customer experience has improved (on an already high standing) we can only assume customers are happy but when you received substantial tips, direct positive feedback and 5 stars reviews on 100% of your orders, i do scratch my head and think, why did i go from page one to nowhere on that keyword search…

    Why actively reduce the exposure of a gig that aligns with this vision and promote gigs that go against this… this is not just my opinion but multiple buyers have expressed this via feedback about these gigs in question.

    I do feel that like the tide, page one sellers come in and go back out to sea and ultimately the reshuffle hopefully aligns buyers with quality sellers.



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  7. The buyer usually asks for the video in chat box to see if he likes it and then asks me to send a custom offer.We worked on 5 projects like this and he paid me well but this last video I sent, he stopped responding and did not pay me above all he even uploaded it to his fb page .I know I shouldn’t’ve trusted him but when I used to send video with a watermark he used to say,’’ I am in spotlight for my work a lot , I don’t screw anyone.’’

    What should I do ?

    The buyer usually asks for the video in chat box to see if he likes it and then asks me to send a custom offer.

    Most, if not all buyers on Fiverr are strangers (unless you are using the “Fiverr anywhere” feature and personally know the client) you should always proceed with caution as you truly will never know the person behind the username. Repeat business can build up a relationships/trust but regardless of OP’s past experiences, their “trust” in the buyer has lead them into an issue by operating against Fiverr’s workflow.

    Anyone who does provides their gig services before an order is actually placed is not operating correctly.

    Unfortunately @amelia_mattew you will have take this one on the chin, you have no grounds to request money or payment regardless of what the buyer may have said, they did not place an order. Even asking for payment could get you into trouble because no work has been requested by the client via an order. The only thing you could do is send a custom offer and leave it up to them.

  8. So you started working without an order for a complete stranger? If so this is not how to operate on Fiverr, there is nothing you can do as the fault lays with you i am afraid, the buyer is under no obligation to pay you for work you have decided to undertake without a order.

  9. This was helpful Andrew. Thank you. …I researched each role but it was unclear what access an advertiser has to one’s finances, if any. …Thanks again for your helpful message.

    My pleasure 🙂 glad i could help.

  10. I think context really matters in this case.

    TOS states

    • Sellers may not solicit the removal of feedback reviews from their Buyers through mutual cancellations.

    • Users are to refrain from spamming or soliciting previous Buyers or Sellers to pursue removing/modifying reviews or cancelling orders that do not align on Order Cancellation or Feedback policies.

    From what I gather from both the CS agent and the rules is the manipulation of reviews is the biggest issue. Many sellers ask for positive reviews rather than asking for a review on the service taken out.

  11. Hopefully i can help.

    An advertiser role should just allow them to post ads on your behalf, they will be able to see the payment methods on file (and use them / charge them to the account). They should not be able to anything confidential other than the last 4 digits of the card.

    I would double check with FB but each role should be defined on the account settings.


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  12. How so? I would say that making new posters take 15 minutes to read would allow them to make a better structured and more relevant post.

    I do see what you mean but not everyone fails to create well structured or relevant posts. So if there was a time sensitive issue it may deter people from using the forum which is here to help. 🙂

  13. Thank you for this post Frank, I totally agree with what you are saying and have even been subject to conversations that turned confrontational many times on the forum. Funnily enough I was actually talking to my friend the other day about the forum and how quickly a simple thread can descend into toxic arguments with certain users.

    Compassion and understanding goes a long way and as a collective it would be nice to see this more. Someone asking a silly question or making a claim about “ranking their gig” should not be shot down in flames and berated on the forum… yes it can be frustrating however seeing the same comments insulting these posters is just as frustrating. ​

    I have seen repeatable offences by certain members who just seems to argue and wish to engage in conflict rather than trying to help. I do hope this post encourages people to act with kindness and understanding in mind.

    p.s I would happily throw my hat in the pot if you need any mods to help out.


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  14. @andrewcarpen756 okay, I’m little bit angry about this, my apologies. Yes it was not in the description or order. I also contacted support immediately he started asking for the project file. I knew it was getting fishy

    I understand your frustration but the forum is here to help and advise, there is little point getting angry at us. Now to the issue, customer support will not hold funds from you unless there is a valid reason, we are not privy to the conversation but i you have now sent the file which customer support asked you to do? So what is the actual issue you are facing other than the threat of a chargeback.

  15. @andrewcarpen756 it was not part of the gig. Are you not reading the thread. Here is the gig offer

    Firstly you need to refrain from asking me “are you not reading the thread” we are trying to help you…When i replied you had not answered the question regarding if this was part of your gig description / order you simply said “It wasn’t in the project delivery.” which does not answer the question.

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