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  1. Nothing yet, still waiting… I belive a month has passed now without anything from their Tust and Safety team…
  2. What did the email said that they sent to you? Duplicated gigs is a minor offence and fiverr doesn’t close accounts right away because of that. Did you have other warnings before? Here is the email I received from Fiverr about my account under review: Fiverr review email637×768 42 KBI have never had any warnings before. I have waited 10 days now. How long does a review generally take?
  3. Update After I had made this topic on their forum, Fiverr sent a response to my customer support request. I asked how long the review of my Fiverr account would take, but they were unable to answer that question. They wasn’t even able to tell me if it would be done within a year. Seems like their Trust and Safety team which handles all reviews of Fiverr accounts needs some extra workers. This small issue that can easily be fixed is costing me my home. If I would be able to just remove one gig I would be follow all their terms, but I’m not able to do that since my account is under review. Is there anyone who has had a similiar experience or how long it took for their Fiverr account to get reviewed? Thanks, Max
  4. From what I have experienced with my 2 gigs I would not recommend having the same gig in different languages. My 2 gigs were in the same category but had a pretty big difference in the service and the outcome of the work and now I’m losing valuable time and money because of my misstake. On your profile you can add all the languages you speak and if someone is filtering for a person which specificaly speaks your language you will have a larger audience that you can reach.
  5. Hi, Yes I know that most of the people on here are buyers and seller. I’m more wondering if anyone has had a similiar issue or experience with the support team. If there are anything you belive I should do or how long it took for Fiverr to review their account? Thanks, Max
  6. Hi! 9 days ago my Fiverr account was disabled because I violated Fiverr’s terms. After reading through Fiverr’s terms I saw that I was not supposed to have multiple gigs of the same service. I now understand that this was wrong. I want to remove one of my gigs which is violating your terms and continue to work on Fiverr as a seller. Something that is very easy to fix. Is there any information Fiverr needs to be able to solve this issue? How long does it usually take for Fiverr to review an account? 3 days ago I also sent Fiverr a customer support request asking how it’s going since it has taken so long for an issue that is simple to resolve. In their email, which they automatically send out after you have made a customer support ticket it says that their current first response time is 12-18 hours and that their customer support is available 24/7. That’s nothing like the 72 hours and continuing time that I have waited. I would highly appreciate it if Fiverr can take a look at my account as soon as possible since this is the way I support myself for a living. I have completed a ton of orders and almost all the reviews are 5-star reviews. The customers are generally very satisfied with my work. I have very good communication with the customers which you can see in all the reviews. Is there anyone else that has had to wait this long for customer support or a Fiverr account waiting for a review by their employees? Thanks, Max
  7. Same problem as everyone else… Starting to become a bit annoying when it’s both on my PC and phone. Both those devices has no problem with not enough RAM. It takes around 5 minutes for the notification to arrive, and by then the person I’m messaging with have already quit the app. Conversations can take up to hours because of this issue. Please fix.
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