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  1. As I said earlier, I never got mad at Fiverr and I totally understand how a policy works. Nevertheless, I need to know how to behave now with my customers since all the information I have right now is that my account is disabled and why and nothing more.
  2. How on earth is she going to operate on Fiverr if she can’t speak English. Maybe I was gonna help her and I was trying to push her over her limits, but who knows, maybe you know better the situation than me 🙂
  3. So you had two accounts. The reason that you were helping someone else figure out how to open an account doesn’t mean it’s allowed. It is beside the point. Regardless of whatever good reason you had it’s against the rules. Have you written to customer support to tell them your reason was perfectly innocent? The issue was looking for the right answer to the question “wich industry does the workplace/business belong to”. We couldn’t find the right group in the long list and I would never say “go on and translate each and every one of those by yourself” Just to be clear, I know it’s not allowed, and I’m not saying I’m not wrong. I should have known better and to do not this mistake, and I’m really sorry. All I’m asking if there is something I can do about it since I’ll lose all my clients and all the chances to contact them. I’m really desperate and I want to understand if there is a way to fix this in any way and I even get these kinds of replies, suggesting “I should change the girlfriend”.
  4. No of course not. We are separated for the quarantine in two different cities, therefore, we have two different IPs. I created a third account to see which steps Fiverr needed for creating a new one and then tell my girlfriend how to do it. But since I’ve already had an account that I was actually using, Fiverr thought it was me that I was creating multiple accounts for my self.
  5. I’ve already written an email to CS, and I’m hoping they will listen to me. But what should I do with the customers I was working with? I can’t simply disappear to them if I took a professional commitment with their orders, but since I can’t log in I can’t contact them and explain the situation. It feels really irresponsible to me cut even the chance to contact them. And what happens if they consider to not restore my account, will I be blocked from Fiverr forever? Anyway, thanks for every replies.
  6. Hi everyone. Today I could not log into my account and I got this message “your account is temporarily disabled. We sent you an email explaining what happened. I’ve read the email and it says that I have “violated the Terms of Service and/or other policies”. I’ve recently created another account helping my girlfriend creating another one, but since she doesn’t speak English and we are both in quarantine in two different cities, I was trying to understand in which step she was stuck into since she was having problem understand what Fiverr was asking her during her account creation. I didn’t associate in any way both of them to a single withdrawal provider since the second account was just to help my girlfriend understand how the creation of the account was. I can’t believe I’m losing all of my clients, and weeks of hard work just for this, helping someone I care about and I can’t see directly for this quarantine, it really destroys me. Since it says temporarily disabled, is there any way to restore it back? I’ve multiple orders I’m working on and funds I didn’t withdraw and they are still in my Fiverr account: is there a way to contact my customers and explain the situation? Can I in any way take the funds I’ve worked hard or are they blocked with the account? Can I create another account or this IP is completely blocked?
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