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  1. I thought, maybe it it like a fee. Penalty for refusing
  2. So, they dont take this money from me previous earnings? Just I dont get new money and don`t loose old, right?
  3. Hi! I canceled order as a seller, because buyer asked something different from what I was ready to do. Does it cost something for me?
  4. Hi everyone! As I am from Russia, I can not get Fiverr card, but I would like to use Payoneer account to send money to my russian bank account. Questions are: What should I choose on the page earnings (one more time- I cant have payoneer card) to Withdraw? Bank Transfer or Fivver revenue card?How much does it cost? I mean the transaction to Payoneer account
  5. Thank you! Could you, please, be so kind to tell me where buyer requests are situated on the website? I searched everywhere? Or does it mean that the buyer contact me first and I answer?
  6. Is it possible to write to the customer? Only they can contact a freelancer?
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