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  1. Actually, I am unable to send buyer request. And Sorry I forgot to add this information in the post.
  2. I got a negative rating. About 75 days ago, someone told me that if I waited for 60 days, the rating would be restored. It was about seventy-five days now. Will the problem won’t be solved until a new order is received?
  3. @bmsurujuddin would you like to add something?
  4. After reading your comment I feel like I shouldn’t have posted and the fact is that I probably can’t do it anymore. If I find someone here who can do this job maybe I can encourage my buyer to hire him.
  5. I got a data scrapping project, the projector content is to find the emails of Comcast mobile users but it is different from other common projects. I can’t find any information on Google or directory site. I want a suggestion from the experts as to how can I get the information. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks you so much. Please provide me a link if possible.
  7. Hello, everyone, I am new to Fiverr please check out my gigs and let me know how can I improve more. Thanks in advance! https://www.fiverr.com/share/50vrdz
  8. I think I’m lucky because I’ve only sent five buyer requests and I’ve received the first order.
  9. I wouldn’t do that. It’s against Fiverr TOS to ask a buyer to change their review, which doing so will result in a warning issued to OP’s account. Thank you for the information, I always keep that in mind.
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