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  1. Nothing is hard if you know well and approach well. My 30% of orders comes from Buyer request. I may tell you how we send buyer request, but that's our secret strategies. We test strategies with buyer request and 30% of our orders are from buyer request.
  2. No, There is no such options. Only you can withdraw your fiverr balance.
  3. There cant be a partial return from a order. You can message the buyer that "Since you did not shared the next 2 topic, at any time you can contact me with 2 more topic, i will happy to write for you". When buyer will come online, if he need he will message you and you can do for him. Before than nothing can happen. CS also nothing can help you in this case. As i before received message from CS, that a order cant be partially refunded.
  4. If a buyer will ask the similar question, may be he can show them the store. As a buyer you can also check his credentials and legitimacy of his business if you want or need a store contact in his inbox. Asking here is not great what i feel. You can contact him by inbox if you want/need and ask as many questions you want to ask. Asking here I feel can hurt a new comer. You are asking that "why don’t you just create a couple of stores for yourself and then you wouldn’t have to work at all?". did you know if he had stores or not?, or his/her personal choice to work here.
  5. If thats the case, then one ticket should open and they reply to that ticket. They not replying to any ticket, They are just closing the tickets as solved. I never created many tickets at the same time. I am creating one ticket, they are marking the ticket as solved and closing for new comments mean in that ticket i cant reply anything. So, i am creating a new ticket and they are doing the same again. Its been 7 years i am working as digital marketer and SEO Service marker. I have never heard of this thing that "any link building just to try and increase page rank might be against their webmaster guidelines.". In SEO Backlinks people build to increase page rank. All link building tactic is used to affect the page rank. Spam and Black hat link building is a Google webmaster violation and we dont do all these. To do those backlink will affect the site, Google can block the site or something. But that not means that Google will come to a marketplace and flag a gig that doing so. By the way i never ever did so.
  6. Welcome to Fiverr @temmythops123. Hope for a great work here. This may be their personal choice, May be he is running a 7 figure store and he also wants to work for all others who wants to make a store. No-one should say like this to a new come user on fiverr. Its not good. Its their choice
  7. Actually all these started from a order, Fiverr always says that "All discussed work should be delivered", We always did the same. And another thing fiverr says that "For Extra work, Extra charges". These are some of fiverr terms and conditions. But after discussed work, if the buyer will say "he will don't accept the work, if we do as per agreement", do the extra work that was not discussed. As well 70% work completed about to deliver the project. How these feels?. And Fiverr support team saying "He cant do anything, If the buyer wants you can cancel the order and own cancelling the order". How all sounds. Fiverr terms says provide complete work as discussed and fiverr saying that fiverr cant do anything if buyer will not accept as per agreement and discussion. so, i just asked my reasons why order cancelled and which toc you applied here to cancel the order?. If they cancelling a project that was going on as per agreement and they are saying "They cant do anything". Then you think, no order you can complete. They can cancel any order. So i asked them all, reasons behind cancelation of a project and which of your toc you applied.
  8. I am not frustrated. I before was took my account to 100 orders and also again can take it. But i just asking, How much possibility that they will don't do it again? Yeah, Its great. But their should be a single reasons behind something (In your case, Copyright image). You show them source file and they resolve them. Why here the reasons behind it changing time to time when I showed them my proof (In your case Source file). First they told "Google was flagged me", When i show them proof "Quora Marketing is Not supported", When I made sure from there support that we can provide "Quora Marketing", the reasons changed to "Quora Flagged My gig". Sounds Good?. And Also as well i confirmed from Quora and show them their mail, now they nothing replying. What I will consider?
  9. There is no such activity was available, And there is no such service that is violation of any policy?, I was not even delivered the order, The Order was IN progress and suddenly the buyer messaged that "He will don't accept the delivery if we do as per agreement. He wants it in different way". Then how anything irritates the buyer. @cainress @miiila @uk1000 @mariashtelle1 But I don't understand that, Why Fiverr not replying to my any ticket. Just marking tickets as solved and closing for comments. To my 20+ tickets they marked as solved and closing for comments in last 1 month. Not replying a single word. Is this is the way to supports with a Seller?, When they don't found any more thing to say violation of the gig, now they stopped replying and marketing tickets as solved and closed for comments. Otherwise what will be the reasons to not reply?
  10. In My Gig description I clearly wrote "ALL Work Is With White Hat SEO". We dont do any Black Hat SEO.
  11. Its Not about get Caught. Fiverr has a special Category Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Its not about get caught. Will a category fiverr made to show off, Not to work on that . There are big Digital Marketing agencies to make a site to google page 1. Google promotes to rank a site to his search engine, You saying its not allowed.
  12. I already did that before asking the support, I reported them and also told support give them report id after 4 days of my report. How till now they active?. And there always be one valid reason to deny a gig. Google Reported otherwise Quora reported or something is not supported on fiverr. What does this mean the reasons changing after showing proof?. 7 days ago I reported a level 2 seller gig that was providing "Quora Ads" and provide report ID and Report reasons that Quora Marketing is not allowed on Fiverr. After 1 week how the gig is active?, Any Answer?
  13. If, Yes. Some TOC violation was happened or anyone flagged, Then nothing happened to 25k+ sellers. Only Google, Quora Flagged me for doing so?, And one more thing, How their reasons changing one after one, when i am showing them proof?, First "Google was flagged me" when show them proof "Quora Marketing Fiverr Don't support" then i confirm that from their support team again changed "Quora Flagged my gig", when i confirm from Quora they again not replying. How all sounds?
  14. Quora Marketing mean market something somewhere i.e Quora Ads. Not Backlinks.
  15. No-One is Flagged anything, Fiverr Is lying one after one. When I showing them proof they changing the reasons. That is not about have control about. As Logo design, a logo designers work. We as a digital marketer, our work is to rank site on Google page 1. Not only we do, but also 25k+ seller providing on Fiverr market place. You Can also read my previous reply of all. How fiverr lying and playing with his sellers. Yeah, But how you know?, It is not active now?
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