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  1. Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. I am starting to think that maybe the customer service in my account is not too good. How do you react and respond when a buyer contacts you about a project he has? As for me, I always answer their question in a timely and professional manner. But, I don't rush saying "Can I send the offer?" first because I don't like pressuring people. Is it bad if I wait for them to ask even if we already discussed the project and agree on a price? How is your customer service? Are you warm with them? Once someone told me I like to argue and fight just because his work wanted WhatsApp communication, and I did not want external communication. At this time I did not know Fiverr could allow this if it was mandatory for the work and the order was placed.
  2. Again, you can put whatever you like on your CV, so of course you can include it. A three month project definitely has more credence than twenty tiny jobs. It also depends on the scope of that job. If it was a job that spanned three months but was only a few hours’ work, then that wouldn’t have the impact of a task that had you working more or less full time for the whole period. If that three month job was effectively fulltime work for those three months, then yes, that quite probably is a good thing to include on the CV 🙂 Thank you very much @janeeditor , I understand better now. So I can include what I want, but long projects are better than short ones. I was asking because I’m doing my degree and I was wondering about Fiverr work and internship.
  3. Yes, I understand. But, let’s say that I get a regular job on Fiverr with a specific buyer. Because, sometimes there’s long term project. So, if this project takes 3 months at least, I think I can put it.
  4. Hello guys, So today I have a question about our Fiverr experiences. Can we use them in our curriculum vitae as professional experiences or any experience we are doing online in our country if we are applying for a job related to our skills? Share your experience with us. Thank you,
  5. Yeah, that’s the best idea. I used it a few days ago. And received the balance within few mins, however, the time period is for 7 days. Yes, they take just open a ticket and share its reference number to them via twitter. It helped me. Thank you for your help, I wanted to be sure it’s worked, I will try it also.
  6. Good evening, How are you doing? Is it safe to use Payoneer? Because it’s been over a year since I applied for a card that I never received. Now I’m thinking of transferring my funds by bank transfer, but can I be sure that I will receive it? Already they have the worst customer service, they take more than 10 days to answer. What is your experience with this?
  7. Thank you for your answer. But, if I pause my gig, can I still have active orders on it?
  8. Hello, If I’m a little bit busy, and can’t take a lot of orders, what do you think is best: Out of the office mode or limiting orders in queue? If I limit the number of orders in queue can I still send custom offer?
  9. Thank you for your helpful answers. We agreed to extend the delivery time.
  10. Hello, Is it possible to pause an order?
  11. Hi, In my opinion you should re-edit your video, and add the photo in it, and after you can use it as your video thumbnail.
  12. If he was serious, he’ll get back. But, if he was not serious at all, just leave that bad experience and move forward. Best deal will come!
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