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  1. Thank you everyone for suggestions. Issue is resolved and support team cancelled both orders. I am feeling better now. I also get clear idea how to deal in this type of conditions. 😊
  2. I am trying best to concentrate on my work and cancel these orders. It become big pain for me. Every message from this seller is making me irritate. I reply him with full patience. Now waiting for support team to come in and cancel orders.
  3. I contact with support yesterday and explain all situation, there is no reply yet from support team 😦 Its time I contact with support, any idea how much time they take?
  4. I understand its my fault, as I am new in buying. Its totally unexpected experienced. I am not sure how to resolve this matter. I message him with screenshot of orders which I placed with different users. please see screenshot of last message. help806×887 81.2 KBI am worried he will left bad review in my gig.
  5. I am Level 2 seller and recently I started buying some gigs for promotion of my other business. Everything going fine and I still learning while talking with different sellers like me. Yesterday, I send message to one seller for more information, (I always did this to confirm before placing order for best experience) But he ignored my request. I thought he is considering me seller and ignoring me. I message him to see seller reviews on my profile from where I buy gigs recently. He replayed, I do not share this info. Thx It make me feel bad, I thought he want me to place order first. Today I placed order with him but his attitude is very rude. He replied me in order, his website is zero and bad. He just placed order in one of my gig, Maybe he is expected bad review from me in his gig so in exchange he will do same in my gig. Please guide me, how to manage this situation. as its my first post in form, I can share my all conversation with user here (if its allowed).
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