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  1. It’s a bug. They will resolve that as quickly as possible. Your impression/clicks still counting So Don’t worry about that.
  2. Welcome to fiverr community. Stay online & focus on your work.
  3. Should i delete this gig create another one gig then It’ll harm anything in my account?
  4. Hello, by checking your profile i found out that you are a fairly new member to the Community. 2 days is not a lot of time spent waiting for a Gig to get it’s first sale, since normally it takes weeks for it to happen. Something else really important is to have a manageable amount of Gigs so you can make tweaks on each of them. 6 Gigs is really hard to manage especially at such low prices. If you are failing to get shown in the first pages when searching your name, then it means that your Gig is pretty widely know or a lot of people use the same keywords as you. I’d recommend to do some more research to optimize your Gigs keywords. Another thing you can do to GREATLY improve your Gigs visibility is to specify the title and keywords for something you are great at but that has fewer people offering those services. Yes you will get less clicks and views ( which in this case aren’t really important if your gig is something not widely searched ) , but that will also mean that people have less choices which greatly improves your chance of getting sales in that section. Again the second step is only if you do something specific which you love, you should not be forced to do something you don’t like for more visibility and cash -Have e good day What should i do right now? If i edit my gig description then It’ll definitely decrease my gig rank? Or should i pause my gig & create another one in same category?
  5. I saw many seller use fiverr logo in their gig photo. If i change that it doesn’t make an effect to my gig rank?
  6. 2 days ago i create a gig. Title, Photo, keyword, etc. Everything okay. But my gig don’t show when someone search in fiverr. Also I’m searching but can’t find.
  7. He wanted to design for his Instagram posts. His topic is Instagram related.
  8. It’s too late for understanding about this matter. Almost i shared. What should i do right now? Topic Controls Reply Watching You will receive notifications because you created this topic. Suggested TopicsVOTE: Fiverr needs our support - Webby Awards 12 22m Fiverr Site Is Fiverr’s main site down? 6 17h Fiverr Site Need Suggestion about my Gigs 0 5m My Fiverr Gigs Asked to sign a “talent consent form”? 1 10m My Fiverr Gigs New Seller for Fiverr 0 12m My Fiverr Gigs There are 125 new topics remaining, or browse other topics in Fiverr Site
  9. It’s too late for understanding about this matter. Almost i shared. What should i do right now?
  10. Buyer wanted to talk through Instagram. Should i give him my IG user name?
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