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  1. Well that’s weird. Wait until 5th is over. If it still doesn’t mark as complete then you got to contact the customer support.
  2. Could you please share the exact date when the buyer purchased your gig?
  3. It’s not a big deal or a scary bug to worry about! It often happens when you refresh the buyer request page. If seeing a number with no requests annoys you, close the tab and reopen. It will disappear. Unbelievable how some sellers find even the bits of technical issues as a problem then name it a bug!
  4. Did you try clearing cache from your mail or checked the spam section?
  5. You can easily check your gig status on the gigs page, which is a quicker process.
  6. It was kind of you sharing your experience and the info. Thankyou However, you may report her to the CS, but you must remove her name from the ss as its prohibited.
  7. It’s not a bug. Fiverr’s choice is a temporary badge. It disappears after some time.
  8. Try it in the safari maybe. Also please blur out the name of the sender as it’s not allowed to share such information publicly.
  9. Brief is for the services that you offer. It’s true that long form responses with no paragraph gap are like a pain in head to read. Writing long offers never happened to me as my method covers up to 8-9 lines including all necessary keywords that the buyer mentioned in their request. The thing is not to brag or anything but to keep it professional as well as obliging.
  10. Ofcourse you can ask your parent or a 18+ sibling to link their paypal account with your Fiverr profile. Note that you can add only one account for withdrawal so decide carefully. You can have a bank account even during the pandemic as well. Just do some research over how to create a bank account online.
  11. There is a heart button on every gig to save it for later. You can favourite it by clicking the heart then select your category to add.
  12. Your suggestion is much appreciated, and the design looks fine. I just don’t think that the support and tip thing are any different. For a buyer to support their favourite seller on Fiverr, the tip system is already there.
  13. Proper titles and tags are important to maintain your gig ranking on the search page. You gotta take care of the tags next time.
  14. Most probably because you were not able to make any sales on that gig. I checked your gig, and overall it looks fine. But when a gig is not receiving any orders, it starts to look boring as well inactive, so the Fiverr pushes it on the next pages. Maybe try to update your gig description or the images. Also, keep a check of the most relevant tags in your category.
  15. Did you try to create another such request after you received this email?
  16. Have you created your first gig yet? i cant find it in the search
  17. There are a few words, which we are not allowed to use in our response to the client as they trigger the terms of service, resulting in a warning. That warning alert even appears in the chatbox. You must learn to respond professionally.
  18. The images that you send to them must be appearing in your gigi’s live portfolio. Hence, it’s up to your buyer whether or not they allow the image to show publicly in your gig gallery. You can turn on the watermark option if you think people could steal the work from your gig gallery.
  19. Changing your profile picture does not affect your gig ranking or ratings etc. Just make sure the picture you are using is yours.
  20. Make sure to use relevant tags in your category. Use attractive images which belong to you. Keep an original description. Do some research in your category.
  21. Selling seniority is the number of days that you spend on fiverr after publishing your first gig. It’s basically a calculation to reach a senior level as a seller.
  22. While editing your gig, do you keep changing the tags and title ?
  23. You are not using search engine optimised tags. Please do some research in your category and use relevant tags etc.
  24. If you mean the gig impressions and clicks then this thread might be helpful:
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