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  1. welcome to fiverr. i think you made a big career for you. all the best
  2. i hav e similar experience. you just keep your fiverr status in online, that will maintaining your overall statistic in steady
  3. you might promote you gig one way or other way, it is good methode to get high ranking to your gig.
  4. Hello Fezraa. welcome to the new and big community. i think it is your best choice ever made. you might promote your gig it is best option you can fastly achieve your first order
  5. congatulation brother. i wish you will get more work and experience in fiverr
  6. hi everyone like us waiting for order like you. in this time(corona problems) we have dificult to catch work although we will get work. so firstly we need patience until get a work. and you might promote your gig through social media, then you might be get work easily. thanks
  7. firstly you need patience for take first order. secondly you might promote your gig that is the best way to get first order very quickly
  8. you might watch fiverr tutorial video which help to know about to get first order or otherwise you might check in youtube which you can gain more information about it
  9. all the best bro. i am also beginner. and i hope it gives a better life moreover we get new relation. and once again all the very best
  10. i think it is take maximum 15 days to transfer our our fund to pioneer or paypal
  11. i think, It is really not a good thing it is not allow in fiverr and we should follow their rules
  12. it is really a good work. thanks to give this video
  13. hi bro. all the best. i wish you get your first order very soon
  14. It is a good question. Every beginners have this doubt
  15. Welcome to the Fiverr. I am also beginner in Fiverr. So that i have too this things, how to work out through fiverr. and i used youtube and gaining much knowledge about ‘how to promtion gigs of fiverr’. You might take the youtube tips and take fiverr classes for your upgrades. And i am not well in english. if i have any mistake, please forgive me Thank you
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