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  1. Hi, I am Rose Gresham working as a graphic designer and video editor in fiverr. In April last week I made my account out of office for some personal matter. I returned after a week . But till now I didn’t got a single order . I don’t know what’s the problem . I paused some of my gigs and created a new gig . Nothing worked for me .Could you please help me ? Anyone know what’s the problem ?
  2. @tuskytecThank you @jinson2james Thank you so much !
  3. @aliasgerorge007 @erfankamrul @iqbaltasif @magiereal @mariasereti @sakhanuae @r_ipon Thank you so much!
  4. Welcome to Fiverr family. Wish you all the best.
  5. @mynamesatheesh @rabindranath1 @jayesh411 Thank you !
  6. @tuskytec @ariful_fahim @shiyas2001 Thank you!
  7. @aromalsp003 @abdullah375 @gokul585 @asifp6 Thank you !
  8. @barveen @vtoptvm2018 @arjunanirudhan9 @gatetech @midhun_mohanan Thank you !
  9. @sldesign937 @febriyantoeko @chondona_editor @omganupriya @nishant0811 @saidasolo @umeshmkrishna @shiyas2001 @muhammadmohiul @twinlurker Thank you all for your love and support !
  10. @qbo_xero_pro @mahmudamitu @jubaertech @d4designcompany @noufalnk @jaykdk @im_salman @salehahhmed Thank you all
  11. Hi, Today I completed my 10th order in Fiverr. It’s been 38 days since I joined Fiverr. As a beginner I got my first order on April 14 and 10th order on May 5. I am very happy at this moment. It’s a great achievement for me. I hope to make more sales in future. Thank you all my colleagues in this forum for your support and love. Also give me some tips to improve my efficiency and sales. With regards, Rose Gresham Stay home, Stay safe
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