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  1. @alamery99 I don’t sure but I guess buyer account has been blocked…
  2. welcome @nilima640479 when buyer request appear in ur buyer request option there is a option in ur right side like settings of buyer request u can fix this issue from this settings.
  3. @perfectminhaj u delete ur gig but it has no point because ur reviews are sticking into ur profile but don’t worry if u get next order then be careful.
  4. @ahsan457 i think u can avoid the buyer by another way like u are busy or u have more work to complete.
  5. same problem here no order since two months…
  6. @bilalsarfraz48 I agree with you it’s not easy to earn in fiverr, success result of hard work and patience…
  7. @techno_shihab I guess u should not edit ur ranked gig because it down ur click and impression but i don’t sure.
  8. hello @napoleon_luhan I agree with @sohanbapary365 I think so.
  9. @zishan3101 it’s very easy to send buyer offer. u check ur buyer request option and from there u can send buyer request…
  10. thanks to share this important information @paschalisblack
  11. hello @akash715 daily atleast 10 buyer request u can send, u must check ur buyer request option every minutes by this u can understand when buyer request appear and no fixed time to send buyer request.
  12. hello @enelikha welcome to fiverr family and best wishes to u
  13. welcome @shanj to fiverr community and best wishes for ur fiverr career
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