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  1. I am a recurring buyer of digital artwork on Fiverr.com, now for about 18 months. This service provides free-lance artists, which in my case has been great due to my project to publish a book with over 125 digital paintings included. The artists, some 12 or so I've worked with have been extraordinarily gifted, responsive and affordable. My complaint is Fiverr management/customer service. The normal process involves an interested buyer selecting from scores of artists whom they believe, based on online resumes as well as portfolios, whom they believe would deliver the product desired. In all cases, the artist "asks" that you contact them with your requirements BEFORE placing an order. This would benefit both buyer and seller and avoid either being disappointed in the results. Yet, the Fiverr systems allows a prospective buyer to place such an order by selecting from three options of pricing: basic, standard, and premium. Each carries not only a price but a description of accelerating capabilities, like more detail, more revisions, etc. In several instances, especially of late, my pre-order communications with 3 different sellers, resulted in each saying they were not accepting orders; they were too busy. In the Fiverr process, selected artists show the number of work orders they have accumulated in their queue. In two of the three cases I could see 5 in one and 8 in the other. Each option a seller might chose also listed the delivery times in number of days. I know from experience and because I engaged one of these artists in online conversation about why the rejection of order, that most of these orders were submitted without pre-order discussion with the buyer. Okay, now the real problem: Sellers CANNOT refuse an order submitted; it is accepted by the Fiverr system and goes into a queue. The seller I "talked with" told me this has created late orders for which he can get "dinged" in ratings, crucial due to the inflated ratings and intense competition, as well as creating tremendous personal stress. One artist I worked with months ago, with some 12 deliverables, actually had to quit for over two months due to excessive anxiety over not being able to handle sellers who opted to choose the basic (lower cost) options, but submitted an order that in reality required premium price work, and then had the audacity to ask for unpaid for revisions, many of them. The answer which I have provide to Fiverr on multiple occasions, is to provide two changes to their system a) provide the seller a "refused order" option that does not penalize them and b) provide the seller the opportunity to rate a seller who in a pre-order communications merely refusing an order without sufficient justification. Some artists are showing hundreds of 5-star buyer ratings based on excellent artistry, yet, I personally have would have rated an artists with whom I discussed my project and was turned down sans proper justification, very low. The full exposure of buyer and seller communications, both pre-order and post-delivery should be captured. This is a win-win for both buyer and seller, as I have repeatedly explained to Fiverr Resolution Center. In one case, having been refused by the seller, I sent my issue to Customer Service and they responded that they would provide me an alternative seller, whom I in fact selected, only to be refused by them. Such issues, 100% of the time are then closed out with a "Resolved" stamp on the issue. Clearly, none of my issue have actually been resolved. In conclusion, Fiverr is a great free-lance service for both buyers and seller. But, management/customer support is neither responsive nor interested in recommendations to improve their system, and perhaps even their bottom line, by implementing logically analyzed and presented solutions to real issues.
  2. How does one report anything to customer support? I have scanned the cited ad nauseam and as a senior citizen, i probably am not seeing it… help please?
  3. I am not a new buyer. The Paydal process has worked fine with one seller. With a new seller delivering my product, I expected to then accept it and pay the invoice. Neither of these options was made available. Now, while i have communicated to the seller what is happening, and she tried sending me my product again, nothing has changed. So I have the product without any way to pay for it. And worse, when attempting to contact Fiverr, filling out the online customer support info, the email or notification would not go out citing “wrong order number.” Very frustrating for both me and seller. Where do I/we go from here? Terrible process. Fine when it works, unacceptable when it doesn’t.
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