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  1. Hi, I don’t see buyer request quite often related to my gigs, a month ago there were many buyer requests appear on the screen. But nothing appears now. Any thoughts or feedback. Thanks. Nauman
  2. Keep it up. Never quit, their are some bad days and some good days, it’s for sure their is a light at the end of tunnel.
  3. After canceling order by the client and refund the money back? What should be the best practice for the particular gig? Awaiting any feedback. Thanks. Nauman
  4. Hi, I got an order, I delivered it in 4 hours my delivery time was 24 hours, the buyer said that I don’t like your work, cancel the order and “Refund my money”. I refunded him. I know for this cancellation this will downgrade my rating. How to up the rating? Any guidance, I appreciate your response. Thanks a lot. Nauman
  5. Your gig description should match with your profile description, make catchy gig, upload your video, marketing your gig on social Media and never give up.
  6. yes I got a click on my gig but no conversions or orders yet.
  7. Dear, How to send Buyer Request? Thanks.
  8. Is my video not relevant with my description?
  9. Hi, I am new in Fiverr, joined a month ago. I have couple of gigs listed their are views and impressions but no conversions or orders yet. Anything I am lacking? Thanks a lot of wonderful comments and replies. Take Care
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