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  1. No there is no miss communication from my side, problem is that This is a online work and I have to log in to some of her account for that she gave me log in details but when I tried to log in server it is asking for access permission from the owner. But she has not granted me the permission to log in yet and not answering at all.
  2. Actually it’s been 5 days I am waiting for her and I have send her message. All I want to know that how to cancel the order without affecting my order completion rate.
  3. No, I am not thinking that she is not answering my question intentionally that,s why I contacted the CS and asked them to contact her via mail or may be phone call so she can come online…
  4. Yes I understand, these two ideas also coming to my mind but there could be two problems: If I send a template instead of complete order, then what if she file a complaint against me of being froud and not delivered the order.If I send cancellation request and she will not come online then in this case order will be canceled automatically after 48 hours and my profile will suffer.
  5. No buyer has submitted the initial information and order has been started but while working on project I come to need of some more information that is necessary.
  6. Hello All, I received an order five days back, Buyer is offline since order was placed. To proceed on order, I wanted some information from her without which i can not proceed even one step. since she is not online at all. I am afraid that it will go beyond delivery point and affect my Gig performance. I approached for CS intervention to contact the buyer but they replied that they will look into within 10 days. Please suggest me following : what further I should do to ensure my Gig performance is not ruined. Shall I approach Resolution centre or wait CS to revert…Is there any way to cancel the order without affecting my Gig performance. Thank you!!
  7. I had the same situation few days ago so I filed a complaint against the seller to the CS ,CS took the action and copied gig has been removed.
  8. In my case I filed the complaint because I think there is so much rush in my niche.
  9. Hello again, CS took the intervene and copied gig has been removed. I really appreciate this.
  10. It is good to choose quality over the quantity. Clients who like the quality work definitely keep coming to you, and you can hire some people to help you out.
  11. Thank you for the help I appreciate that. I have filed the complaint, waiting for the CS’ action.
  12. Hello everyone, One seller copied my gig image as it is and the content too. I contact the seller and asked him/her to make changes in gig image but as expected my request is denied and on the top of that also saying that I copied his/her gig image, OMG limit of shamelessness. I wonder that how unprofessional some people are. Please tell me how to complain this seller as I tried earlier but I could not understand in which category should I file the complaint. !
  13. Thank you for your suggestion. I will go for it.
  14. Hello Everyone! I am not able to withdraw amount thru Paypal. Every time it shows as transacion successful and some time later get notification for transaction failed. If anybody else facing same issue or can help me out on this matter.
  15. Hi, I am having the same issue. But finally after 15 days I got an order that gave me little relief.
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