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  1. nice bro its great i am relay impressed about your career. I also want to become a full time freelancer but I failed every time. now i am trying again to do something
  2. You give us a good advice. This helped me very much. Thank u.
  3. Welcome to fiverr and keep active here u will get your order
  4. Welcome here bro. Best of luck for your first order.
  5. Welcome to fiverr fourm. I’m Bappa, wordpress website developer fron Bangladesh. I also new in here. I can tell you one thing that you need to active in fiverr and also active in fourm. Thank you Freelancerbappa
  6. Hello! Welcome to fiver community. Best of luck your first order. Active here and see what people say.
  7. Hi! No its not a bad think to have many gig. New sealer can create 7 gig with there skill. I already create 7 gig.
  8. sorry about that, I hope you will back your account soon.
  9. Hay Riceth welcome to fiverr family. Best of luck for your first order. Active here as much as you can and create your all 7 gig. I’m freelancerbappa and I’m from Bangladesh. I also new in fiverr and waiting for my first order.
  10. Hello! Welcome to fiverr. Best of luck. I am Freelancer Bappa and I’m from Bangladesh. I also new in fiverr. I’m a wordpress website developer.
  11. Hay welcome here. Don’t be shy we all r family. I am also new here.
  12. Sorry to here that. This is bed. Don’t worry here is lots of good seller you can hire but we can’t back your time sorry for that.
  13. Welcome back on fiverr, Now start your journey for find your work and be patience, active as much as you can.
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