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  1. Thank you… Got it. They don’t allow github.
  2. I don’t have any portfolio domain. I am using git for my portfolio. The question is can I add the portfolio link on my gig FAQ. Best Wishes. #Stay_Home
  3. I have bookmarked it. I’ll try to abide by fiverr rules.
  4. Great idea. I think fiverr will think about it.
  5. Welcome to the fiverr family… Best of luck.
  6. Congratulations @aymaneva . Alhamdulillah we are safe. #stay home
  7. Congratulations. stay join. #stay home #stay safe
  8. Then what should I do? Don’t mind. Please describe.
  9. But I do not get buyer request. Sometimes one or two. Then what can I do? Everyday I check buyer request.
  10. Hello pearl, I’ve created a gig about web development (convert PSD to HTML). Now senior please advise me what can I do to get an order. If there are any corrections, please let me know. Gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/alamin95478/convert-sketch-to-html-psd-to-html-responsive-bootstrap Thank you.
  11. I got it. You want to viral . Right? Sorry! you are in wrong place. Go viral place like fb.
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