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  1. I think that the impressions are already quite good. So right now, the issues are not the tags. Unfortunately I also see an issue with the price. The issue is, that you don’t have many ratings on the gigs yet, and it is tough for buyers to book a high priced order from someone who doesn’t have many ratings. They’d be taking a risk for a huge amount - while for a much lower amount it wouldn’t hurt so much to take a risk with a new seller. Also fiverr is still a market - supply and demand determine the prices. I hope this somehow explains the issue - you’d probably have to take some small orders for 5$ to get some ratings, and then work your way up. I just also recently increased my prices when I had about 35 reviews. At the beginning the time investment is much bigger than the rewards you are receiving. For some orders I had 2 hours of work for 5 dollars at the beginning. But I got the chance to prove myself as a good seller and received a great rating. All while buyers were keen to try out my gigs, since they didn’t risk a huge amount of money. But, if you don’t want to change your prices, which I fully understand also, then you just have to be patient. It will be a slower progress but I am sure there will be orders for you in the future
  2. Welcome and all the best to you and your loved ones in this difficult time.
  3. Hi folks, I’m asking for your precious advice. I had some issues with sinking impressions and views last week, due to my gig images being cropped and incorrect tags. I wrote a topic about it and help was provided! Now all is good - almost. Many views, but there surely is a stagnation in my sales. Now and then an order flies in, but I’d like to know whether I have the ability to push the frequency a little bit. I’ve also looked through several topics here on sinking sales, but also think that maybe I am missing something and would like to improve and work on it as best as possible. Mind taking a look? Here’s my profile https://www.fiverr.com/michellikos Thank you in advance and best regards, Michelle
  4. Yeah I also think there’s no big reason to worry. Don’t be sad, it happens and try to figure out what led to this review (misunderstandings etc. happen), so you can also use this as a feedback to improve! 🙂
  5. Welcome! Just an advice I‘d personally would have liked to know at the beginning: it will take some time until everything starts rolling, please stay patient, keep trying and sales will come in soon. Best of luck!
  6. I think for me it‘s about 60€ for a 100$ order, with taxes, exchange rate, 20% commission and bank transfer fees
  7. Right now I am just waiting and hoping it recovers. Of course I am also trying to build up a solid offering and improve my gigs but there is nothing I can force. Just waiting patiently
  8. Exactly the same for me. Glad to hear it‘s not only for me
  9. I got 2-3 requests a day and now nothing. I don’t have a clue what happened, the impressions, views and clicks are still quite high… but no message? This is so weird.
  10. In fact I also was wondering whether Corona might even have a positive correlation with rising sales. Didn’t feel it yet but with everyone staying in home offices, some might quickly fill service gaps with us freelancers
  11. Yes!! And I couldn‘t stress this more: will power is essential. This stretches to every topic for freelancing - whether views are getting down, no orders are coming in etc. As long as you don‘t let negative events drag you down, all is good
  12. Exactly this! Nice comparison. I mean, one negative experience shouldn‘t override several positive experiences. If this perspective is established in one‘s mindset, freelancing will be more heaven than hell 🙂
  13. @lenasemenkova Good point, certainly agree with you. As a freelancer it is necessary to know the possibility of getting difficult customers and how to handle those. It‘s better to be patient and obtaining a preference for harmony, so that one doesn‘t view freelancing as hell. Not to forget the benefits we get from being freelancers. We can also (kind of) choose our customers
  14. @lenasemenkova Yeah I guess it is obvious, it‘s quite similar to retail, always different customers. But you still can’t avoid getting hurt by difficult customers and appreciate kind ones
  15. Well I’d say variability in demand - some day it’ll rise some day it will decline. Of course you can try to improve your gig performance by adjusting it but this doesn’t solve the variability. A difference from 2 clicks is not a rapid fall and from my opinion nothing you should worry about. Best regards, Michelle
  16. On my laptop with a smaller screen, my profile looks like this: gigview833×577 204 KBBut when I search for my gig, it looks like this: So you are right - it is really cropped. I need to figure out the right size for the gig images so it’ll look perfect! Thanks a lot for your effort to help me out. Also looked at the tags as you suggested,do you maybe have any ideas/tricks for taking the right tags?
  17. Hey, thanks again for your help. Would you mind telling me what medium you used to access my profile? Because from my computer it looks like this, so I couldn’t tell it was cropped: Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-07 um 20.01.281746×1368 405 KBThank you very much and best regards! Michelle
  18. Hey, thank you very much for checking my profile. Didn‘t notice that the gig images were cropped! Will certainly improve it. I‘ll also go through the Fiverr learn course and check the language. Again, huge thanks for taking your time to help me out! Best regards, Michelle
  19. Suggest you put your Fiverr link in the initial post above as that is allowed in this category. Thanks, that would have been a good idea from the beginning :rofl: Added a link to my gig with the most sales
  20. This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR Enjoy the forum. 🙂 Thanks a lot! Already have gone through this before posting, since I don‘t want to post anything redundant. But then I was asking myself, whether there was something I don‘t see/notice.
  21. Hello guys, first time posting here on the fiverr forum. In the past few days I got more views but less orders, just maybe one request in two days. Is there anything I can change? Could you maybe take a look, if anything from my gigs/profile strikes your eye? I had about 30 orders before so there was no issue, but right now everything is going very slow. Here is the link to one of my gigs: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/9b0009cf4b?utm_source=CopyLink_Mobile Thanks and best regards, Michelle
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