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  1. @siflowah stay safe. is very tragic the situation there 🙏
  2. have you tried promoting your gigs on social media? are you ranked on page 1 for your main keyword?
  3. yes indeed is kind of slow. hopefully things get better with this virus very soon 🙂
  4. @mjensen415 I live in Miami and is not as bad as SF, we can still go out but we cannot be in places with 10 people or more at this time. I have a feeling is going to get worse just like in SF and LA but for now I still have my transportation business in the mornings and Im just avoiding going to Starbucks to work on my freelance and e-commerce business and spending more time at home with my 2 daughters. I pray that this passes by quickly and things become normal again soon. ✌️
  5. Optimize your gigs, look at your top competitor’s gigs and see how they are different than you, promote your gigs via social media, blogs, youtube, and if you’re gig is optimized you should get more impressions and hopefully some orders which will give you hopefully some reviews, and you start to rank. Once you do this more and more, you’ll get to page 1 where you should start getting some organic sales from customers there. Hope this helps ✌️
  6. Hey i know you, i did some documents with you for my amazon business. and im also freelancing here on fiverr, it’s great to see people from all sorts of background here 🙂
  7. @only1amjad congrats, question for you, after you got to 20k in sales, how long was it to reach top rated seller status? keep up the good work ✌️
  8. im sure they appreciate the recommendation, hopefully they get it done. ✌️
  9. get into niches that are in demand, optimize your gigs, study your competitors and offer more value than them, offer bonuses, promote your gigs on social media. good luck 🙂
  10. Optimize your gigs, promote them on social media to gain more impressions and more orders, and once you rank higher you should start getting more orders if your gig and your offer is good. More orders = more money and that way you should reach level 2. Good luck 🙂
  11. not a bad idea, what did they say ? @bobbyscorpian
  12. congratulations keep up the good work ✌️
  13. @wpfalcon yes i have also noticed a decrease in impressions and orders from my gigs in the last 2 weeks or so, the economy in china and u.s are also taking a hit so im pretty sure the Covid-19 has a lot to do with it. let’s just pray that everything goes back to normal and that we can defeat this thing. 🙏
  14. welcome, glad you’re here. good luck on your journey 🙂
  15. It took us around 2 years. We hit Levels 1 and 2 quite quickly, but at the time, Fiverr was only a part-time income source for us, so it took us a long time to hit the $20,000 required to be considered for TRS. Top Rated Seller is cool for the badge and everything… and if buyers are filtering for TRS, the pool of sellers is obviously much smaller, so it’s easier to stand out. But honestly, I have no idea if it actually helps us get sales or not. We didn’t notice any huge spike in sales going from Level 2 to TRS. And we still get hit by the slumps, the same way other people do. @cubittaudio i wonder if they look only at the requirements that we must meet in order to get there, or if they consider the time that we have also being a selling or both? or maybe if you have met those requirements the time we’ve being selling doesn’t matter as much?? :roll_eyes:
  16. Congrats keep up the good work at level 2, and shoot for TRS. Question for @cubittaudio how long did it take you to jump from level 2 to TRS if you don’t mind?
  17. What are you struggling now on fiverr as a seller? What would you like to see fixed or improved on the platform? For me personally i would love to see fiverr implement more measures against fraudulent buyers who jump in the platform to cause harm and do bad things. We have all experience this one way or another, and in my case i have adapted and learned to deal with these buyers but still it bothers me that i get some of them at least on a monthly basis. What about you?
  18. Having a great gig, optimized with keywords, amazing images and copy, a competitive offer, promoting the gig on social media to increase impressions and start getting some orders and some reviews, and by doing this continually and getting more orders, more reviews, and then raising your prices as well you will start to rank your gigs. Good luck 🙂
  19. Check all the pages for that keyword, if you still cant find it open an incognito browser and search again. If you still can’t find it go to help and support, then seller help center, then click on contact us at the bottom, and on the gigs tab there is a section where you can check the status of the gig. If is active it has to be on the search results, if it says pending then it won’t appear on the search results, fiverr might be checking it. Hope this helps. good luck 🙂
  20. @audioboon Amazing story. And you’re totally right with persistence and hard work things will start to happen. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone since it requieres a lot of bumps on the road and some people are not capable of handling those bumps and give up… Glad you’re comfortable now and hope you keep it up and keep growing. ✌️
  21. welcome @am_wilde. nice to have you here!! @naseemkhannasar what do you need help with?
  22. @abuusaad Study your top competitors, what are they doing right? what do they have that you don’t? how are their images? which keywords are they using in their tittle, description, and tags? How can you stand out? can you offer bonuses or stand out maybe by decreasing the delivery days and charging a little less while providing more value? if you can answer all these questions you may have the answers you’re looking for. Also promote your gigs on social media, youtube, blogs related to what you offer, this will increase your impressions and if your gigs are good and optimized you should start getting some orders, and hopefully some reviews from that, and thus ranking better. Good luck 🙂
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