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  1. There is no link about ranking your gig profile. Forum have nothing to do with ranking.
  2. your gig, looks quite good. In the future, maybe I’ll give it a try. Haha. But do be patient, you only join July. There are a lot of seller who didnt get a order for more than 7 months.
  3. I think you should ask the buyer nicely, but it’s their own freedom whether they want let their stuff be visible
  4. image1753×879 548 KBJust from 1 Pinterest page, able to find 6 same T-shirt design from your T-shirt gig.
  5. do you just taken the T-shirt images from Pinterest ? do you own those shirt -design? If not, your gig will be taken down
  6. you are not allow to show buyer name in any case, need to either remove it or blur their names
  7. To all new sellers… I often see new seller or even older seller, provide * 100% satisfaction guaranteed 100% Refund policy… . So if I order your gig and say I dislike the design or the work. Can I cancel the order? Even if you report to CS, CS also can’t help you, because 100% Refund is stated in your gig description . This will really make A LOT of scammers targeting these types of gigs. I do know that new sellers are desperate for their first order and will want to attract their buyers in this way. . You are basically doing free work for them, because they can just cancel the order, if they “dislike” it Thoughts? Am I correct? haha
  8. In that case, you should change your gig to I’ll trace your logo, If you are not a creative person ( like what you say) , I dont think it’s will be great& fun to design a unique logo for your potential buyer, as most likely that will not be happy with it. And leave a bad review… You need to brand yourself first 🙂
  9. image711×453 53 KBGreat, luckily you didn’t copy.Just traced over the sketch 🙂
  10. I saw this on your logo gig profile. Do you create this logo? hmm, not going to assume everthing
  11. Wow, even this other t-shirt images are taken from Pinterest. have the pinterest icon below the image
  12. @logo_avenue If you see the last image in his video, It clearly that is taken from google images, can even see the 3 buttons on the top-right being cropped. haha. If that’s your logo, why taken from Google images?
  13. $15 + 20% of the Fiverr fee So most likely is $17
  14. https://www.fiverr.com/shane_smith? Willing to pay for the price? haha
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