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  2. Please follow the following rules: Create 7 gigs/ make them unique. Don’t copy paste othersMake your professional profileSend buyer requests dailyBe active 24/7Share your gigs on social mediaWe wish you the best of luck.
  3. Share your gig’s link in social media but don’t spam
  4. Well, I am working on Fiverr for 9 months and here is my best selling gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/6zpEGA I have completed over 50+ works but now no orders. Can you help me by giving some feedback about my gig?
  5. My gig’s rank is decreasing day by day. Can you guys share your gig’s present situation?
  6. First tell me, do you send buyer requests daily?
  7. Try to make them unique, don’t copy others.
  8. Be active in social media accounts 24/7 Share your gigs on social media send daily buyer requests
  9. Try to understand the seller and make more conversion.
  10. Check your gig status link here:How to check your gigs status May be it’s pending.
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