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  1. I'm wondering just how strictly Fiverr enforces these policies. For example, I see MANY sellers with multiple accounts, using the same "business card" picture with slightly different wording. As far as academic stuff, again, I see MANY sellers openly advertising writing services for academic papers and college admissions essays, etc. I often see all of these among those high-dollar "pro" sellers as well, people with over 1,000 reviews and long queues. Just makes me wonder how seriously I should take it.
  2. I looked in the Fiverr policy statement above, and all I can find is a prohibition against "Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers." Nothing about proofreading academic papers, or anything related to admissions essays. In fact, many Fiverrs openly advertise the service of editing and rewriting university admissions essays, including some high-level sellers with hundreds of reviews.
  3. First, thanks for the replies!! I read about the "academic" prohibition, and at first I removed them. But on further exploration, I found tons of other gigs that listed those, including many of those high-dollar "pro" gigs. I also saw several pro gigs that ran multiple ads advertising the same gig, which is also supposed to be prohibited. Thus, I assumed that Fiverr just didn't monitor things very closely, and added them back. I guess I could remove them anyway; I don't need any trouble from Fiverr.
  4. I just finished setting up my gig on Fiverr as a proofreader/editor. Would anyone care to give me their knee-jerk reaction to my gig? Not that anybody's going to see it anytime soon: there are over 20,000 proofreading/editing gigs already out there! In any case, take a look if you have a minute. I have NO idea where that "50 years of proofreading experience" came from in the URL. Looks a little silly, I'm hoping I can change it somehow. Thanks! https://www.fiverr.com/osmigo/50-years-of-proofreading-experience
  5. I’m a new proofreader from Texas. Just joined, just got my Gig activated - but it doesn’t show up in the “Proofreading” search yet!! Anyway, glad to be here, I’m sure I’ll have some questions later! -Ron
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