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  1. Hey! Hope everyone who is reading this is doing well I am a level 2 seller and doing video editing and making promotional video ads for 2 years, I have serious confusions and problem with promoted gig option 1st when it comes to my account in Feb. 2021 it makes it down in rank for every gig and even i was not showing promoted gig options and then i turn on out of office mode and then off it after 6 hours and after that suddenly my gig goes up in rank and promoted gigs option was showing 3 months ago i got notification that my gigs cannot be promote anymore and it makes my gig down in rank and for 1.5 months it was dead no sales and no rank, it automatically get fine after 1.5 months ago ( i got promoted gig options back and also rank of gigs was good ) now today it happened again, ( again he promoted gigs option is not working and also gig down ) Its happening 2nd time now , I don't know what is the reason , my completion rate and everything is working fine, no Warning from fiverr nothing but this is happening again and again i don't why is it a bug because i see that this is happening to many other sellers to Can any one please guide my regarding this or give any suggestion how to overcome that problem Thank You
  2. i faced the same thing, one promoted order was laite ( but i sent a time extend request and buyer accepted , and after that i delever the work) but right after 6 hours , i got the notification that gigs can’t be promoted and gigs goes down i dont know why because the Laite delevery problem was resolved however, after 40 days… promoted gig option came back by its own ( and by turning it on gigs back to normal after 2 3 hours )
  3. i think i had seen you gig " it was about green screen spoke person ", i am shocked that even this high ranked gig is experiencing this issue i am having the same issue from 20th of march( i had a gig in 1st page when Searched with keywords ) can you tell me that if you found anything helpful ? or you got any improvement?
  4. HI! I have a level 1 account my rating was 4.8 and then I don’t take any order for 2 months because I was busy so my rating becomes N/A. Now I take 1 order from buyer requests so my rating will become again 4.8 from N/A. But it is still N/A Can anyone tell me how much time it takes to refresh this?. I take a 5-star rating today a few hours ago…so how much time will it take to refresh my rating from N/A to 4.8? Thanks
  5. Yeah… All rankings are just mixed. Like before pausing gig. On start of the month o reveice 2 to 3 orders a day… Hur after 15 days no order till the end of the month
  6. Hi Thanks for you reply I also got 2 orders and complete them and get 1 5 star rating… The 2 orders were from my old buyers… But still my gig is showing on 6 page… Also the expressions are gone so i cant see that my gig is rising day ny day or not…
  7. Hi. Hope everyone reading this will be fine… I am a level 1 seller with 50 positive ratings and 80 complete orders… With 4.9 rating and 100%…complition and other rates… I was recieving orders on daily bases I paused my gigs for 2 weeks because of my exams but now its been 7 days but i did not receive a single message from any buyer… Can anyone suggest me how to fix it… My gig was on first page but no its on 7th.page. Can any one tell me how to fix.? I am really worried about it. It while expressions and views are still gone…
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