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  1. welcome @celiciashand nice to meet you. why you gone break ?
  2. @rizvy_sarker that’s good. carry on brother.
  3. @colorgraphica99 welcome to our community. good luck
  4. @webexpert_jahan continue marketing your gig stay online send buyer request
  5. @mdahmedulhaque7 welcome to our community. stay with us. good luck.
  6. Why I can’t find my 2 gigs out of 5
  7. How can I rank my gig on the first page? please give me information? I’m very worried ?
  8. How many views, impressions, clicks, favorite are good for a gig to rank the first page?
  9. welcome @webman5 go ahead and pray for our
  10. @erfankamrul This is my gig status: Your Gig status is : Active Your Gig is displayed in the search results pages in the marketplace. Please note that these pages are sorted by different algorithms in order to optimize and personalize the results for the users. For doing that we take into account both quality and business measurements.
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