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  1. mostly* online 24/7. Except when it’s time to sleep 😴 @lukayoung
  2. Thanks all 🌟 I’ve haven’t used buyer request yet, (I recommend everyone to use it) so it’s be a higher chance to get a order easier. I am online 24/7 tho so maybe that is appealing? I wish everyone luck 🙏
  3. Oh… i see now that unlimited revisions is a big No no in this case. Thank you all for the response!
  4. Hello, i finally got my 1st order from been here in 1 week and a tip on that. So happy 😇 i didn’t expect that so soon
  5. Hi. I wonder if it’s good to offer ‘‘unlimited revisions’’ on gigs as a newbie with 0 orders so far? :thinking:
  6. I don’t think ‘‘unlimited revisions’’ is a super good choice bc buyers can take to much advantage of that, or maybe i’m wrong… 😶
  7. I’m pretty new here. My name is Julia and i hope this journey will become succesfull 😇
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