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  1. It Has many gig ranking factors. in my experience, I share with you. “More impression, batter click, get more order” thinking about this line if you optimize your gig so you get more impression and if your gig image much better you get click and order.so the final thing is you need to optimize your gig with low competitive and high competitive keywords.buyer satisfaction. you need to try to satisfy every buyer.thank you mgraphstudio
  2. if you send cancel request or accept cancellation request so definitely affect your gig rank. the better way mutual cancellation from fiverr support team. then no affect your gig rank. personal experience. Thank you mgraphstudio
  3. firstly optimize your gig properly then active on fiverr everday in a certain time. Then you send buyer request nicely hopefully it’s help to get first order Thank you. mgraphstudio
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