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  1. Hi there, Welcome here, look upon your competitors and you will see all the requirements that you need, do hard work, give Quality Work on Time that’s the key for success. Best of Luck for the Future. Thank You 🙂
  2. Hi there bro, I also recently got this problem but after 2 or 3 days it solves, now my gig appears in search, wait for 1 or 2 days, if this problem still occurs then contact to Fiverr Support, 🙂
  3. Alright, bro I am also a Graphic Designer, So firstly look upon your competitors gigs, secondly you need to make an Eye Catching Gig, right, that means when anyone view they should click, Understand? then make a good portfolio and try to show on your gig covers, then make professional looking description and offer packages, Just try to show that you are Professional and have a True Passion about your work. And never loose hope, (The Main Part). Hope that help you, InshAllah you will get an Order.
  4. Hi brother, Welcome here,My advice to you is just do honest work and spend time on fiverr and look an eye on your competitors account that will help you a lot, and also there are so many topics on tips and tricks, just search and hope you will find much that help you out, Good Luck for the Future.
  5. Hi Sulaiman, Welcome here, I’m also new here , within a week I got 4 orders, and recently 5th completed, look upon my I have also posted the topic. There are too much posts about this, hope you will find some solutions, Thank You and Best of Luck 🙂
  6. That looks odd to me. Why they pay more instead do their own if they are representing a company, Feels more like scam. BTW, Welcome and Wish you Best of Luck in future 🙂
  7. Welcome brother to the Fiverr family. Keep hard working, and firstly you only think about giving clients Quality Work not think about dollars, send buyers requests, share on social media with your portfolio, and make your Gigs attractive. Best of Luck 🙂
  8. They just ask for portfolio or share their email to contact them but not in fiverr, whyyy?!! should ban them from fiverr
  9. Congratulationssss…!!! Hard Work always shine!!!
  10. Make your Gig attractive, Good offers, and most important: send Buyers Request Proposal regularly and share your Gig to social media, don’t just stuck on refreshing the page, I’m also a beginner but last 5 to 6 days I’ve got 4 orders. Keep doing hard work and hope you will get orders. Good Luck! #leoHamii
  11. Hi there, hope everything is alright, wish you very best of luck in future, 🙂
  12. Welcome to the Fiverr Family. Good Luck 🙂
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