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  1. In Sha Allah you will get one soon. Wait till you get it. Don’t give up if you won’t get any response as soon as you expected. I got my first order after 3 months. On the other hand my friend got his in 10 days. So just don’t lose the hope.
  2. No buyer request has been showing for 2 days. is it happening only with me or you guys are also facing this problem? Is there anything I can do?
  3. i have 😕 already 7 gigs in 4 different catagoryies
  4. You can not mark an order as spam. I would contact Customer Service at support@fiverr.com as buyers and sellers are not supposed to exchange that kind of information unless the seller has it written in their gig description that they will be asking for that info. Still, I am not sure if it is allowed, so do contact CS. But be aware that because of the pandemic, they are a bit slow to respond now. Thanks for this information. i will be carefull.
  5. Keep patience. this happened with me too. Try to improve your gig and share it in your social sites. try to be online as much as possible.Add two more pictures of in your gig. Mockup will be a best option.Bid as much as you can. just don’t give up
  6. Why does he/she need this info?so lame. make as spam
  7. its been one month I didn’t get any buyer. Also, there was not enough buyer request according to my skills. I don know what I need to do for getting more buyer requests and some buyers.
  8. he bought my gig… but then saying that its not what he wants and cancelled even after few revisions…
  9. Hi everyone, my buyer is not paying. i delivered my work. what should i do?
  10. i don’t think so. the impressions are like avg 85, and one has more than 200.
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