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  1. When ordering a gig (eg. illustration) gig is the text “Unlimited Revisions” a warning sign to you? And why it is / why it isn’t? It’s a stretch for me to try to think what kind of designer would still be motivated do his best for the gig – let’s say – for the 22nd or the 55th revision.
  2. It should show on the gig page if you ordered directly from the gig page (and not from a custom offer). Maybe screenshot just the bit of the gig page of the gig/package you ordered that shows the number of delivery days. That’s all that needs to be in the screenshot. Your “receipt of doing” should show the package you selected so you know which “number of delivery days” part to screenshot. uk1000: Where I ordered it, on the sellers’ page, it reads 3 Days Delivery. Is that what you mean?
  3. Do you have a screenshot showing the gig/package/offer you ordered that shows the number of delivery days? I’m sure what you showed is just what always happens now on orders. Within a minute/few seconds of ordering the page will show "delivery date updated to [now+number of delivery days in the gig/package/offer ordered]. I don’t. (I don’t typically do screenshots on order confirmations on various websites, if the order eg. is not a particularly expensive one) As said the original time was wiped / erased / removed from the order page at the moment when the text about the “delivery date update appeared there”. I also checked the email (Jan 13th, 22:30) from Fiverr titled “Here’s a receipt of doing”. All the deadline / timeframe related information has been omitted in the receipt.
  4. “If the first delivery was not late, the Gig doesn’t count as late,” It was late as I didn’t receive (ANY) delivery by the (original/1st) deadline. ** As said, when I did the order, there was a deadline: meaning date + time for the delivery. I did the order. I paid. I waited the deadline to pass. Once the deadline had passed, I went to see the order page ca. a day after the original deadline. I found out that on the order page the information about the original deadline was wiped away and replaced with the text “Your delivery due date was update to January 16”.
  5. Latest messages I received in the last 12 hours: "[sellerUsername] replied to the request you opened regarding order #." "Your payment has now been refunded into your Fiverr Balance."
  6. I got the delivery by the 2nd deadline. The quality of the delivery was very low. I clicked: request cancellation.
  7. If it’s “Very Late”: https://buyers.fiverr.com/en/article/order-status I once had a seller not deliver past the deadline, a day later or so (24 hours, I suppose), Fiverr sent me a notice telling me they noticed my order didn’t get delivered and suggested to contact the seller. I did, waited again, still no response, so, in the end, I cancelled. Seemed the seller had simply abandoned their account. In this case, I ordered directly, though, and there was never any communication with/from the seller, so if you “talked” to the seller, I’d message them and remind them of the deadline and see what they say, they might be sick or have had an accident, or something. As you can see in the quoted text, Fiverr has taken care of that possibility by offering the buyer the option to cancel one-sidedly (if an order doesn’t get late, seller/buyer can only send a cancellation request that needs to be approved by the other party, or go through support). image737×338 20.1 KB– I messaged the customer support: “Why was the order # postponed without any kind of communication to the client?”* Their reply was: "Upon reviewing the order, I could see that it was placed on January 13th, 2020 and the delivery due date by the end of January 16th, 2020. Please allow the seller to deliver the order by the end of the day. You can also follow up with them to get an update on the order. Keep us posted and let us know if further issues arise." Ie. they didn’t answer the core of my question at all.
  8. “Did you receive a request from your seller to update a deadline?” I did not. “Did you add any gig extras to your order?” No, I didn’t.
  9. Thanks for the infos. Anyway, they should write the real deadlines on the ordering page.
  10. I made an order for a design and paid it. I was given a deadline. The deadline passed and now it reads on the order page that the "delivery due date was updated to January 16th. How and why the delivery date can be changed without any approval/communication to the client?
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