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  1. It wasn’t automatically marked as spam. I marked it manually.
  2. Well, so far it’s only been a few days, but the only messages I’ve gotten have been spam. I got a message from someone who, after talking to them for about 3 minutes, only wanted me to create an account on other marketplaces so they could “rent” my account there. Marked as spam and reported. Mod Note: marketplace name removed. Finally got my first message
  3. My name is Kent (although I also answer to Winston), and I’ve been a photographer, graphic designer, and videographer for over 20 years here in Southwest Missouri. However, the area I’d like to focus on is voiceover. I have a strong, rich voice with an American English accent, and I finally got tired of being told I need to do something with it, so here I am! _MG_00095472×3648 1.72 MB
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