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  1. It is really hard to get orders on Fiverr now. I had to wait a couple of months, and had almost given up before I got the first order. Without any ratings, people ignore you. As a seller I also look for good ratings, that is the way it works.
  2. I have the same problem as a new seller :(… According to Fiverr, the best way to get more sales on a gig is to add a video. You can use a free easy to use tool like activepresenter to make video capture of your screen to show results of your work…
  3. That is the catch 22 for new sellers. Without any reviews its hard to go for a high price, and if you lower the price to get orders and reviews is seen as low quality and you wont get orders. I am also struggling to make the first sale…
  4. OK, and my question is still how do you know this? Do you work at fiverr and know the algorithm?
  5. It was you that made the claim, not me. I only asked you for proof.
  6. Not to hijack your thread, but how did you get the image in the badge? I only get a grey profile head:
  7. I think you have a gig that a lot of people are looking for. But there is also a lot of people providing writing services. I think the road to success is to provide value and show people that you will give them value. I see in your gig:“have created over 300 blog articles” If you convert some of the articles to pdf files, you can upload them to your gig, and prove to the buyers that you provide quality. It is easy to convert if you have the article in words, you just save as .pdf… plagiarism pass content is something everybody claim to give, so that is not a sign of quality…
  8. Yes, the looked it up an it was set to active.
  9. But if you try “Why was my gig denied”, you get the chance to write a ticket.
  10. Can you prove that posting on social media does not affect your gig ranking? When you click on gig and gig performance, you can get a statistic of social views. Since Fiverr are tracking social views, I suspect they also use it for ranking. And it would make sence since people driving traffic to the Fiverr platform is valuable for Fiverr… Even if its not affecting the gig ranking, driving social traffic is valuable for sellers as it is more eyes on the gig… Capture1542×363 31.8 KB
  11. Under What is the issue with your gig?, I used the option “Why was my gig denied”, and asked why it was pending. Support tooked up the gig and the next day, they mailed me back and the gig was active… You can try to do the same.
  12. Yes there is hard competition… I saw you had links to your work on your wp gig. I think it is against t.o.s… I would be a much better idea to take snapshots of the designs and put in a video.
  13. I think Wordpress are more in demand these days. Also a video can incease convertion according to fiverr. And a video could be great for showcasing your designs…
  14. I cant find the gig without a link…
  15. Welcome??. I just started also…
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