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  1. Many thanks for your guidance. Really it help me alot to improve my rating in future Thanks and regards Dheeraj Kumar
  2. But from a week I have no work. Is this happen due to rating 4.8
  3. But from One week I have no work . Is this due to rating 4.8 ??
  4. Hiii Fiverr family Before a week, I done a work for my client. Many time I ask that the images he send were blur. Except these three images I done all the work for him. For this, work had been late and he gave me only 2 star rating. Which is lowest score I got from my clients. Now my rating become only 4.8 I have no work from last 1 week. Please give me some solution to improve my rating. Many thanks
  5. I told him that as much as possible,I will do but he said do(edit) whole work again. Which takes near about 2 weeks. Other wise I will complaint against you on Fiverr. If he do this then what happen??
  6. What happen if he complaints me on fiverr
  7. Hii, I would like to discuss that nearly a month before, I had worked for a buyer where as agreed upon it ended up with a satisfactory note by both the participants. But now the buyer is threatening me to edit the work again, or he will defame me by making a complaint against me. now the editing work is greatly time consuming, so kindly suggest me what should I do in this case. please help!
  8. Hii, my client wants my name ,email and my address for NDA . But sharing a email , and address on Fiverr is against the T&C of a Fiverr , so what can I do , if I refuse share my email and address, he said no deal to me , What can I doo? please give suggestions Thanks and regards
  9. First off, was an actual order placed through Fiverr? If so, then the payment is completed once the delivery is either accepted by the buyer or auto-closes after 72 hours have elapsed. After that, it takes 14 days for the payment to clear and be transferable from your balance. If a legitimate order was not placed, then you were just scammed into doing free work. Buyers do not have to respond to messages or give feedback on a delivery. Continually messaging a buyer who doesn’t respond back is likely not a smart thing to do. Order is placed through Fiverr. So now what can I do ? Waiting for his acceptance ??
  10. Hi Please help me , buyer gave me order and I complete it with in 18 hour before timeline ( end date ) and after delivery he not responding my messages No payment Please help me to solve this issue Thanks
  11. Hiii I gave a english test on fiver but my score is not publish on my profile . Please give me some suggestions about this Thanks
  12. Hello . My name is dheeraj kumar I want to know about tips for writing proposal against the buyer request So it is easy to get orders If possible please write or give some screen shot as a sample ie how to start and at end. Regards
  13. surely this will give me lot of positive energy Thanks for this
  14. Hiiii ,experience sellers Please guide me, how to write proposal ?? How to start it , in-between , and at the end . Your advice is very helpful for me to get a new order Thanks … Dheerj kumar
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