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  1. Try to developed yourself everyday. I hope you will reach your expected position
  2. Hello Fiverrmate I am doing Structural Engineer with 20 years of experience with innovative design meeting efficient buildings that minimizing their environmental footprint and maximizes available resources. Specialized in all types of design.
  3. Almighty Allah. I think I am very lucky. I have completed the first order ( First Order within 16 days) with positive feedback and client very satisfied with my job and the client gave me tips. In the near future, he said he will come again to me. My Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/4249zd
  4. You can contact with Fiverr support team.
  5. The meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. When people are looking for something or like your service then If you GIG is on first pages then they can easily contact with you. If you want to top position then you have to do SEO friendly GIG. I mean have to focus which keyword many people choose for your service. Some of the people are flirting which seller is online now. If you can stay online then people when flirting they can easily find you.
  6. Do you think that because the little dot by your profile picture goes gray? Because even if it is gray, you are online if under settings it says you are online. πŸ˜‰ Yes dear. I have check settings is okay. If I reload then online. But after 2 min again will be offline.
  7. Why? Do you not need to sleep? I sleep 9 hours every night and log off of Fiverr two hours before I go to bed. Once I wake up, I take another hour to get on Fiverr and begin to answer questions. I still get orders. Thanks for your response. Yes, But after some times automatically offline. I need to refresh every after 2 min.
  8. Yes I am using Fiverr App. But after 1-2 min it will be offline. I just want to is there any way to online for long time by using app. Otherwise I have to refresh every after few min.
  9. Can you suggest me dear how can I online always from my phone or laptop? Thanks advance.
  10. I also minimized from my phone (iPhone). But after sometimes it’s offline again. How much time you are in online by minimized? Any suggestion for that? thanks advance.
  11. Many of people face this problem. When client message or asking something about your services then try to reply ASAP. Always active.
  12. Keep online as much as you can. And share your Gig on social media.
  13. Very helpful advice for me. I am very new here. Thanks for sharing with us.
  14. I am very new to Fiverr. Recently I have created one more Gig. And I will create more Gig. Does anyone suggest to me please packaging? Other people have verity of packaging. Which package is best for the client. Thanks, advance for your valuable suggestions.
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