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  1. If Fiverr team itself told you they don’t know when the decision will be made, why do you expect a forum member (who isn’t a Fiverr employee) to be able to tell you a date? Do you think she can see into the future? Another thing to keep in mind is: you’ve mentioned 3 warnings, and that means that you might get permanently banned from Fiverr. great this is helpfull
  2. They told me that you have the copyright of text so they stopped. They are deciding that all that is closed should be given back to you and they told me. The first two warnings were given. The last warning was given. Now it is not known what will be decided about it and how long it will take
  3. this is the last chat with fiverr sport team They told me that we have not made a decision yet, I do not know how many days they will make a decision?
  4. If you’re asking me how long Fiverr will continue enforcing their business model and ToS, that’s a ridiculous question. Why would they ever stop? But I honestly don’t know what you are trying to say and it’s evident you didn’t understand anything I wrote to you. Or you didn’t read it. Improve your English. I understand you, it’s not that I don’t understand I would like to ask how many days I have sent the request to the fiverr team will activate my return my gigs
  5. I was gigs for Motion Graphics. It has a copyright contact strike which has caused it to close. All my believers are getting a paste error while my all gigs was all theirs but they locked up
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