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  1. Fiverr sent me a verify mail. But I can not find any verify mail. so that my account temporarily disabled!! What Can I do Now??
  2. I have still no order. this is so much frustrating for me!!!
  3. If you don’t get orders, check gig, if its even getting some views.
  4. Hi Whats Up all?? last 6 days I have no order?? What Can I do??
  5. Day by day i will increase my gig. Now I have order. This is no-4. Only 1 month running!!
  6. Same As Me… of you all i want to say is the following, but notif keeps saying that it’s not a complete sentence.
  7. How many gigs should create as a beginner? 5 or more are effective??
  8. Please make so much marketing that helps you to improve gig
  9. How can I improve my gig!!! Day by day, My gig are fallen down!!!
  10. How can be effect on fiverr 4.7*?? Last buyer have given 4.7*… I am frustrated!!
  11. How can I improve my gig?? my gig already fall down click and view. What can I do?? Please suggest me
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