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  1. I have 2 orders on my profile where there isn’t enough information filled by the buyer to get started and are marked as Incomplete. I contacted Fiverr Support and they say we would cancel it and it won’t affect your statistics . Any suggestions, Should I cancel them would it really wont affect my profile.
  2. You can go through the link… Hope it might help you. Best of luck Thanks for providing this.
  3. Nope, It’s a Custom Order from Previous Buyer, What I understand is in order to rank on the first page you must have 2-3 5 star reviews on that gig.
  4. Greetings everyone I am figuring out how can I rank my gig any advice would be much appreciated! Gig :- https://www.fiverr.com/share/zA4E7o
  5. Did this customer give you their permission to use that as your gig image, not just the preview of the work done? If not, you don’t have the right to use it as your gig image, because it belongs to your customer. Has Gig being deleted for this reason without letting him know upfront is wrong in my Opinion!
  6. Hello, I am a Level one Seller I was unhappy with my Gigs and decided to delete them and get started with something New Except for One Which had reviews but accidentally I deleted all of them. Now when I click on the Gigs it redirects me to become A Seller!
  7. Sadly, these sites are slowly taking away the freedom we all are looking for in Free-lancing!
  8. It does have ! Again it’s my opinion but some people here would rather boast about everything is OK when it isn’t.
  9. Thanks for this poll insects44! I am struggling for 1.5 months with this issue when our Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views went missing. It was working well for me when that happened I tried creating multiple new gigs and thought that would help but it didn’t. As a result, I am not receiving any response whatsoever from buyers. Then I thought maybe try some buyer requests and get some orders going and that would help the gig boost up but it didn’t. I have decided to keep out from it until they have this issue fixed.
  10. It’s because Gig’s rotation might be not working properly. Despite Fiverr says everything is carried out the way it should be. People aren’t Just acting there is a reason for that Just before this issue came in everything was going well. That’s my opinion not here to offend Anyone 🙂
  11. I am not “forum support”. And you don’t need to refer to me as this just to be facetious. I have no interest in validating what you believe, just so you can feel better about it. I have stated what Fiverr has stated. If Fiverr states openly that there is nothing wrong – as they have, then there is nothing wrong. I have no interest confirming your personal claims. I have stated the facts, as Fiverr has stated them to us, and I have explained the nature of how we know things work. That should be answer enough. It’s working for you Great. Isn’t working for many of Us That’s it. We aren’t getting any response from Buyers . Kindly Take into consideration what others are going through.
  12. Completely Agree! All I am saying Creating New Gigs won’t help I have done it. Gigs aren’t appearing anywhere . and no response from buyers. Something is Wrong on Fiverr Side. That;s my Personal Opinion it’s behaving strange.
  13. Just as many people have been complaining about this for years. Just because YOU are noticing this now – this month – does not mean it’s a new issue. Fiverr is always fine-tuning the algorithm, just as Google is always fine-tuning their internet search algorithm. This is also nothing new, and has been going on for year. It’s how algorithm’s work. The owner of an algorithm is always improving it, so that it provides a better outcome, according to the needs and metrics of the system. Yes, this I can agree with, however, sellers here on Fiverr should not be expecting the algorithm to always work in their favor. Inevitably, it won’t. It is never wise to rely on one source of income. Always been marketing your services ON YOUR OWN, and reaching out to the precise target customers who need the services you offer. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to make sure sellers appear in the algorithm, or have sales generated within this site. This is wise advice to everyone – take responsibility for your own success, and don’t expect the Fiverr search system to provide you all of your sales. It might be working OK for you But not for many of Us.
  14. Second thread: Completely Agree! Happening to me.
  15. Demoted from Level One 1: No Orders and no new Inquires from Buyers. What should be done is Unknown. Fiver behaving strange in these strange times.
  16. STRANGE! It’s happening to all of us without getting any new orders completely disappointing!
  17. Agree ! They need to take into consideration what the seller might be going through.
  18. Completely Disappointing why don’t they assure the sellers of what’s going on. Haven’t received any responsible response from Fiverr ! At least they should respond to a matter of such Importance.
  19. Exactly! It’s not working for me either creating new gigs won’t help . Not getting any single response from buyers. That’s strange. Let’s hope for the best.
  20. Completely disappointed! How weirdly they are acting and not worrying about the sellers to what they are going through. Don’t know what’s next.
  21. No worries - your Gigs are active, and all the metrics are calculated as usual. I personally think there is a lot to worry about maybe it’s true only for me I am not getting any orders tho! And the fact that I don’t see the data about my gigs to know where it’s going wrong. It’s taking too long to being Fixed and Up and Running. Also, I think it has to do with Gigs Placement. Again it’s my opinion.
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