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  1. Hello fiver family: I have a suggestion regarding the improvement to be made to fiver chat box. Chat box should have the option where you can reply to a particular message – the feature which can be found in many chatting platforms like whatsApp… Not being able to reply to a particular message leads to ineffective communication. I hope fiver fixes this issue! Thank you
  2. Yep, long live fiver… It is surely an awesome platform
  3. Thank you! You will do great too! I hope everyone who works hard get their deserved share.
  4. Yep, I hope it is fixed soon. I have not had any order in the last 8 days 😛
  5. Fiver is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance!
  6. Another thing I noticed is that when I sent a message to one of my old clients, it was delivered after 10 minutes but when I send message to someone who have just started a conversation with me, it has not been delivered even after 1 hour.
  7. I wonder if buyers are facing the same issue. I hope they are!
  8. I had closed the window and have reopened it again. I do not know if they will still be sent. I am afraid of trying to send any more messages as they might be spam once they are delivered
  9. are you sure? I have already sent like 6 messages to the buyer and do not know if they have read them or not
  10. please let me know when it is fixed 😛
  11. I am facing the same issue. I got notified about my potential buyer’s message after one hour 😦 And now my message is not delivered to them
  12. Hello friends I have just encountered an issue where I was unable to send messages to anyone, Also when I received message from a potential client, I got notified about it after one hour and then when I tried to reply them, my message could not be delivered. Could anyone please clarify what is going on? Thank you
  13. Hello friends! How do I deal with other sellers, mostly new, who come into my inbox and ask for tips etc? Some are really annoying…
  14. So what improvements do you think my gig needs so that it has a good ranking in search results about a particular query?
  15. Does frequent editing of the gig have any impact on the impressions that it will gain?
  16. Hello friends! I started using fiverr about 2 months ago and in the beginning, I was getting orders or at least a message everyday but now, I do not get orders. Why is that? Also, could any expert content writer here suggest me some gig improvements? Thanks! This is my profile: www.fiverr.com/shafaatalikhan
  17. Hello friends! I am a new seller here and I am wondering what I need to do to get orders everyday and what I am doing wrong so far! Here is my profile: https://www.fiverr.com/shafaatalikhan?up_rollout=true could any expert please suggest me some changes and give me some tips on how to get consistent orders. Thank you 🙂
  18. What are the charges associated with fiverr revenue card?
  19. Hello guys! I am a new seller from Pakistan and now I am wondering what is the best option to withdraw money. I have a bank account and an ATM card. So, would it be best for me to go for bank transfer? also I have a relative in other country who can make a paypal account. So, which one would be beneficial for me?
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