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  1. Nice topic! As someone who offers spiritual services on here (Tarot readings and such) I find it difficult to do these things for myself sometimes. There’s that personal bias when doing a self-reading that isn’t there when doing one for a client. 🙂
  2. I always double check with my client on their local time zone before doing orders that are time-sensitive. I let them know of my local time and schedule 🙂 Communication is key!
  3. Good advice! I always scan those links for viruses, but even if they’re clean I never click them. Better safe than sorry. Hope you get less spam in the future 🙂
  4. Yes, block and report them! The fact that they want you to communicate outside of Fiverr is very against the Terms of Service. Got some similar messages myself when first starting out last month. They go away with time. 🙃
  5. I recommend making a specific social media page for your Fiverr page! It would keep things separate from your personal account, and spreading the word helps a ton. 🙂
  6. Y’all are so nice, lol. And yep! I always report spammers and Fiverr always takes action! Haven’t been getting them anymore now that I’ve been here a bit.
  7. Getting the same thing! It’s always over Google Hangouts. In general, it helps to respond to these messages, just to keep your response rate good. Like others have said, a canned response is best here. Then report them! Sorry to hear about all the spam though, that’s so annoying!
  8. Why thank you! I did notice more messages after I made my propic a selfie, lol. 😂
  9. Hi everyone! I’m fairly new here, so have been dealing with daily spam messages tbh. Today I got a scammer wishing me a Merry Christmas, LOL. Anyone have other interesting spam they’ve gotten?
  10. Yep, I’ve definitely seen that the past few days here 🙃
  11. If it walks like a duck, and quakes like a duck it’s spam/scam. Yes most definitely that is a scam message. Well said! 😂 Words to live by.
  12. Another update: I got TWO more messages today that were nearly identical to this one. Both by similar usernames too. Such a bummer, here I was thinking I might have my first sale! 😦 It’s seriously discouraging. I know that new sellers are more prone to this nonsense, and I can deal. But it’s still a total bummer.
  13. I would be very careful about doing that! 😱 You’re very right, my bad. I meant if it was absolutely 100% sure unfair/inaccurate. Edit: Example would be if the review cussed the seller out, or was straight up abusive. If you’re not 100% positive about it though, I’d let it slide. 3.7 isn’t too terrible, could definitely be a lot worse IMO.
  14. I recommend surrounding yourself with the language. Listen to English music, watch some English TV shows or movies, or read some cool articles in English. Make it fun for yourself and it will come to you more easily 🙂
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